Excessive data usage


Does pg know about this/doing something about it?


Yes we’re aware. There are a couple of things at play here, and we are working on them. To my understanding there should be some improvements in the next (not 3.70) update.


Honestly I would also like to know if this is being looked into as well. Also what “benefit” we’ve received with the increased amount of traffic passing. :pray:


Thanks Jared, good to hear :blush::blush:


Thanks for the quick response@PGJared looking forward to the update. :v:


Yeah!! Is there an estimated time for this?
Weeks or months?


Good to hear you’re aware.

My data usage has increased from ~200MB per month to 1GB a week.
I’m on a 2GB per month data package so this has hit me hard in using all my data for the month in 10 days … leaving me with no data for anything else

I’ve therefore put a block on war dragons using mobile data entirely which cuts my opportunity to play considerably

Now playing far less I’m finding that its quite difficult to maintain interest in war dragons … so I’m playing less even when I have a wifi connection … and even considering giving up on the game entirely, moving on and finding a new game …


Hi Jared am Glad that u guys are looking into it, as I wrote in support ticket earlier. currently am only playing on wifi and really hope u guys can get it fixed ASAP


Thx @PGJared :+1:t2:


It’s not really a one-and-done fix, since we’re talking about a live game. There should be some improvements in the next update though.


Plz is the last update today is supported to low the base internet cost !?


Never come close to running out of data before and ran out of data a week ago and got charged overage for it. Wtf…


I’ve heard that version 3.71 is when the real data changes are taking place because they couldn’t get it into the 3.70 release. :slight_smile:


You’re right @mechengg

Also, welcome to the new forum! I was wondering when you’d pop up.


Oh boy i’m still getting used to it. This is going to take a while to get used to even on desktop :grimacing:

I’m such a noob for not even realizing it had been answered haha


Thanks for the update on the issue @PGJared
since the update a few days ago, data usage has gotten a bit better. Just still not back to the way it was, hopefully the next update will completely fix the issue and we can get back to grinding :hugs:

*** I spoke too soon :sob: it’s back to draining data At a worse rate of 1gb per 15 minutes now*** it was a nice 2 days of being able to play while it lasted :joy: guess the forum will just have to provide entertainment until the next update


I have exceeded my internet twice because of this. Waste of money.


I did the same thing, turned off use of cellular by the WD app. I went from 3.5GB data usage to over 5GB. Pulled up the usage by app and my jaw dropped!

So now only play when I have access to WiFi.:slightly_frowning_face:


HORRIBLE how does this happen?? Used to be on all the time of wifi never came close to going over now unplayable off wifi for even 5 minutes wow what did yall break so badly?


What the time frame on EXCESSIVE DATA USE FIX …
IN my time playing WD well over 2 years…
I’ve seen this issue arise before …
It was fixed then …
Mobile data use is EXTREME…my only option in my location …

But WiFi Data use is no better …( Australia at least )
My Ex partner has access to WiFi on the NBN
( National Broadband Network )
She burnt through 50GB in 10 days…
( playing far less then normal )
I’m sure Support are SICK of In Game tickets …
But this issue is a MAJOR PROBLEM…
I’ve seen the 3.71 update / patch is ment to help …
But have not seen ANY mention of TIME FRAME ??..
For said UPDATE / PATCH … ???