Exchanging Red Rider Shards

Can we PLEASE get an opportunity to exchange these ludicrous red Rider shards?

Maybe some gold packs or horns, some shards or some timers idk, idc. Something actually useful.

I kinda get that they’re still in the prizes of Gear and Rider event for newer players but come on It‘s worse than pearls, at least those we can cash in every now and then with good old Reg :saluting_face:


Yeah, to the ascendant scrolls. :see_no_evil:

Eh, sarcasm is absolutely inappropriate. We don’t tolerate that around here :eyes:

:thinking: My reply was sarcastic?

Dont really think that was sarcasm… but then again its hard to tell stuff like that through text and not through speaking face to face/ over the phone.

:eyes: okay, definitely no sarcasm then.


I mean, yeah. I guess everything’s better than sitting on thousands of these shards.

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+1 from me.

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What about the millions of crafting scrolls we have?

An exchange to crafting tomes, or diamonds, or almost anything would be nice there too