Exclusive bonus

Hi quick question, and yes I searched and looked for an answer but came up empty.
After collecting both mythic dragons the pop up of the exclusive skin with bonus rewards came up. Now I see the new skin but i dont see any rewards. Does anyone know exactly what the other bonus is and where to claim it?

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Should be in your quests/claim pack rewards section.

Congrats on both mythics!

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Okay thank you I’m guessing it’s just behind cause of how event start lags things

Since you have both maybe you could get update on if they going to make the skin permanent, possibly selectable for future seasons?

Really think it sucks whomever completes such a high feat gets a temporary reward.

I will never get it but curious as to what you get beyond the skin for your base.

That’s what I’m trying to figure out I got new skin but haven’t recieve the mystery bonus

I do believe the extra stuff comes at the end of the season. At least that’s the way it reads in the information in game.

Contact support, they initially told me 24 hours, then 7 days, and I got it in about 7. Prepare to be disappointed also.

is it a secret or can you tell us what you got? I wont get three more keys but just curious


And I confirmed with support after that the amounts were correct.

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Few more egg tokens woulda been nice. And by more I mean 50x that lol

Lmao thats it?

What’s that it, what about the shards for atlas it said came with it

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