Exhausting supershots early with farms/mills?

Kind of a newbie here, I’ve heard a viable strategy on some bases is to leave a farm or mill alive so it’ll exhaust all the supershots early, is it true? Most bases (lv~130ish) I fight now don’t put mills and farms first but if they do then should I let them waste supershots?

Meh, leaving an anchor of any kind means you’re setting yourself up as not being able to solo the base. Also, it doesn’t have to just be farms/mills if you’re doing that a lonesome low level defence tower like a level 1 archer works the same way. Note, that’s undefended if it’s defended the anchor is more for time to gain rage as a backer rather than to do with supershots

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Yes, let them waste the AI supershots, then destroy them.

In atlas you only need 99%, so don’t even need to destroy level 1 towers left out front.

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what I mean here is to leave the mill barely alive so it exhausts the supershots then finishing it when i’m about to pass right over it, not sure how good of an idea it is with defended bases though, more time to prepare?

Same stands for my last comment imo

so i can use this tactic for both defended and undefended? not that many bases i see now have mills or level 1s up front anymore

Why would that work defended? There is no AI supershotting when there are defenders…


You can only use it undefended - defended, people will use supershots more responsibly than on farms


i mean to gain rage

kill it all if you can. there are more efficient ways to deal with defenders and SS. This may be a good idea for 1 or 2 bases or a specific base. Just kill it all to be safe.

This question depends more o; the base lay out, if the base has a mill up front then yeah sure go for it. Either way i feel like it wouldn’t make a difference because I’ve taken bases a tier or two higher than my own, and regardless of whether the base has or doesn’t have a good kill, I usually take the whole base down unless attacking a 15B base. That’s when I use noc, (slax if long kill with blue mage and possible anchor) hau, and sometimes renard.

But that will make you much much slower


Don’t tell him that!
Just… keep wasting AI super shots in atlas

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Ah, but I missed out on quite a few seasons and don’t have Firefin. I do have Chunk for the chunk cult or something, though