Exotic Dark Flak Rune Stats?

Where can I find the stats please?

Maxed exotic runes give 10% stats to either HP or attack


and 5 % to the other one…

10% health and 5 % attack or 10 % attack and 5 % health


Thank you!

It’s also double the price it originally was


Why am I not surprised? :see_no_evil::joy::joy:

And no key right? I haven’t looked at the branch

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It’s basically the same Exotic rune :joy::joy::joy: but way overpriced :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Nope, no key. The original didnt have a key either (I think the ice flak was the first to have a key)

Now granted the prizes are different but really not worth the 5k difference in cost


Not to mention with all the new towers coming out I could totally see dark flaks being not-the-best for their position say 2 seasons from now.

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Yep, honestly if I was going to make a 2nd long kill island I’d probably use an electro flak for the range and faster rate of fire. I feel like DFs are kind of meh at this point

Exotic runes were launched keyless at the cost of 5k sigils. After that,there were 1 or 2 exotic runes that came with a key for 6k sigils. After came the exotic glyphs for 10k.

The sole explanation for the increase in cost are the goodies on the line, but without a key they had to be much better I think. It’s 2/3rds of the orrery branch which has part of a tower, 2 keys and other useful stuff.

Shouldn’t be more that 5k, imo.

So for someone like myself with no Exotic runes whatsoever is it a yay or nay?

Due to its DP increasing feature, it may backfire team-wise (unless you’re the biggest, or there’s little to no impact if your DP grows).

Still, a good to have.

I’m at lv517 at 24.5B with crappy runes. All towers currently maxed. I have noticed some really weak bases with lower towers at the same DP or more. Runes really can inflate the DP in a wrong way… Don’t know if I should go for it. I feel clocks are more important to me at the moment…

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If it’s one of your most crucial towers then I would go for it or/and if you have 2 DF that benefit from it, depends on your base setup.

If it was an ice flak I would just say “go for it” :joy:


Same thoughts I had but I’ve missed the announcement and I’m not sure about their power maxed. Can someone pls share these info?

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Unless you meant something different and I now look dumb lol. Hope it helped you tho

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What are you meaning ? The properties of a Exotic Rune is Attack or HP… And thise have 10% for the first attribute, and the 2nd one is 5%… or not ???

Wasn’t in response to you.
What you said was correct, was replying to person above you

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