Exotic gear in Darkmire season

Hey all, was wondering if anyone knows whether you have to go through Exotic gear 1 to get to Exotic Gear 2. Reason is I already have exotic gloves for every element and Exotic Gear 1 only offers gloves with no option to even collect material. It’s an expensive line to get to so would really hope the choice to go straight to the second line is left to the player. Any idea?

Exotic gear 1 is tied to claiming to all offense lines (elite and mythic).
Exotic gear 2 is tied to claiming all defense lines (elite and mythic).


It would be nice if we could pick. It’s really lame that the better gear (sword and shield) is tied to the defensive gear. I dont need anymore mythic gear at all but I super dont need anymore defensive gear. So unfortunately that’s a complete waste of badges we’re forced to use. At the very least it’s time to offer the choice of claiming shards over claiming mythic pieces. Mythic gear has been out long enough that many people have at least 5 full sets and shards would at least be more useful.


Thanks! Line 2 here I come :smile:

You need to bring rock and scissors along and attack PG to force them to change how we can get exotics back to how we could when exotics were first introduced.

Go power RSP.

I can pay for the custom tailor color suits for the trio. :grin:

This is a joke, for those you didn’t get that it is.

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