Exotic Gear’s next seasons options

With the arrival of exotic gear tomorrow would be great to know how future pieces will be released next seasons.

Will we have different pieces and keep building a full exotic set?

Will we have the same options, Sword and shield?

Which one?


I’d be willing to bet on this.


Sounds cool

No it doesn’t…


Sounds cool having more tactical style gear until it becomes another chore and must have


I would hope it is the latter. It is already painfully slow and very difficult for new players to catch up with mythic gear and that is with 4 pieces released every 3 months. 2 pieces released every three months would be a torturous 5 year ordeal to finish just offensive sets.

At least, if only sword and shield (Pokémon reference :thinking:) were to be released, it would “only” take 15 months to get one offensive set for each element.


I agree, plus a full set of exotic with secondary boosts would be OP for drags.

We’d like tho, I assume not me only, to know how it will be so we can make a proper plan.

Any thoughts on this thread? @PGGalileo @PGTimber @PGNines


I think PG are treading a very dangerous path with the new gear.
They already struggle at time with balance issues when they create new dragons. So how will dragons be balanced now? Balanced for players without exotic gear which could make those with the gear OP or balanced with the gear making those without UP?


Not if they basically make the gear mandatory by underpowering upcoming dragons so that exotic gear, runes and spell riders can serve to balance out those dragons and add in what they’re missing.

One big issue I also have with this is how long would it take to have a full set for just 1 element. The mythic element cycle is already bad enough for mythic gear trying to build a set while a given mythic stays relevant (until you just have a set for each element).
I don’t even know what element to pick since Kinn will have to be retired next season and Noc isn’t worthwhile. At least the spell rider will be useful on any element.


It truly is a pointless endeavor. I feel like this gear is towards the weakness that both the mythics have as well. So it’s like they weakened the mythics for this specific gear.


This is it exactly. People complained that Noc has weak health and no rage recovery and PG was silent about it. Then they released the exotic gear which covers these issues. Not a coincidence.


Where is the announcement of exotic gear?