Exotic glyph worth getting?

Hello all, I have exotic warrior attack glyph for my warrior from last season. Is it worth getting another one?

I have 2 mythic warriors

Yes. Especially for warriors. It’s a great glyph.


If you have multiple warriors that you fly then yes. Warriors very much benefit from this glyph… now we just need some warriors that are worth using beyond the perch. Because the last several have been underwhelming or just straight garbage.


What about the sorcerer glyph, and or hunter one?
I’m more of a sorcerer guy but they seem to be the most underwhelming late game as I understand it.

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Is 12m rune dust worth 1k sigs?

Unfortunately I love flying warriors :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll admit, I wish I went with the hunter instead both season

I feel for ya haha

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It does for me at least. :joy:

For sure and agree we just need good warriors to make use of them. Come on PG next season surprise us all with a decent warrior for once.

Even if they do they will panic before the season ends and nerf it

I dont think there will even be a mythic warrior next season. They dont seem to be cycling hunters anymore and every season is coming with a mythic hunter (but there’s no favoritism :face_exhaling:). If they stick to this trend then it’ll probably be mythic sorcerer, invoker and hunter and discount warrior. And we already know the sorcerer will be useless so another bad season for non-hunter flyers.