Exotic Ice + dark Rune?

Will this new rune stack with another exotic rune on the same island ? One of my team mate said there was no change on her Ice flak stats or the base dp :confused:

Can we get a confirmation for this new type of rune will stack with another exotic rune plz ? @PGTimber :beers:

It will stack, yes

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Just double checked with my team mate. Still no change on stats :confused:

It should still stack with other runes and glyphs regardless due to the fact that it is the only rune of its kind. There are no other Exotic Combination Runes, so it should stack.


That was my original thought as well but still no change in stats. So I’m still holding my sigils. Not sure if it’s just a glitch or something new :confused:

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Have you sent a ticket?

She already sent screenshots to support :+1:t3: Hopefully a good or answer soon from them or from here :four_leaf_clover: there’s a lot on my team waiting holding sigils right now :rofl:


How many sigils in total is the branch?

What are the stats for hp on this new rune? Is it 10% hp for both ice and dark?

10 for ice flak 5 for dark flak


Well I might just get this son of a gun and say scratch 2 mythics off my list

10k sigils plus 1 free node and then a repeatable


Stats are notoriously buggy and do not work. They are also a terrible idea to use as representation for anything.

If it doesn’t stack it doesn’t let you equip it

Such a nice rune! Unfortunately, I cannot afford it this season. I hope eventually I can grow my seasonal rolling reserve big enough for such opportunities.


I gave up and got the rune :crazy_face::rofl: and I can confirm it’s stacking :+1:t3: But my team mate is still having the issue and her situation still the same :confused: Support is currently working on the issue :four_leaf_clover:

so guess some might still have issues till PG do a full check on the rune. Good luck to all who’s bad at waiting :rofl: :four_leaf_clover:


True they’re very pretty and hard to ignore :rofl: but don’t worry much mate there will more and much better runes/glyphs in future when you’re ready :four_leaf_clover:probably for the same amount :crazy_face::crossed_fingers:t3::four_leaf_clover: you might be glad you missed this one :joy: coz it’s does cost a heavy 6k rubies to change them later :sweat_smile:


Tell her to move her towers around then back to original place. Sometimes they get “stuck”.
Happens to me occasionally during fort when i level and no dp change.
Like the same way you change portraits to force changes made to base.

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I have an exotic Ice Flak HP and I want to put the new Exotic Ice + Dark Flak HP also, are they gonna to stack?

Yes they are. I have both also. The reason they stack is that they have different secondary attributes.