Exotic Ice + dark Rune?

That was my original thought as well but still no change in stats. So I’m still holding my sigils. Not sure if it’s just a glitch or something new :confused:

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Have you sent a ticket?

She already sent screenshots to support :+1:t3: Hopefully a good or answer soon from them or from here :four_leaf_clover: there’s a lot on my team waiting holding sigils right now :rofl:


How many sigils in total is the branch?

What are the stats for hp on this new rune? Is it 10% hp for both ice and dark?

10 for ice flak 5 for dark flak


Well I might just get this son of a gun and say scratch 2 mythics off my list

10k sigils plus 1 free node and then a repeatable


Stats are notoriously buggy and do not work. They are also a terrible idea to use as representation for anything.

If it doesn’t stack it doesn’t let you equip it

Such a nice rune! Unfortunately, I cannot afford it this season. I hope eventually I can grow my seasonal rolling reserve big enough for such opportunities.


I gave up and got the rune :crazy_face::rofl: and I can confirm it’s stacking :+1:t3: But my team mate is still having the issue and her situation still the same :confused: Support is currently working on the issue :four_leaf_clover:

so guess some might still have issues till PG do a full check on the rune. Good luck to all who’s bad at waiting :rofl: :four_leaf_clover:


True they’re very pretty and hard to ignore :rofl: but don’t worry much mate there will more and much better runes/glyphs in future when you’re ready :four_leaf_clover:probably for the same amount :crazy_face::crossed_fingers:t3::four_leaf_clover: you might be glad you missed this one :joy: coz it’s does cost a heavy 6k rubies to change them later :sweat_smile:


Tell her to move her towers around then back to original place. Sometimes they get “stuck”.
Happens to me occasionally during fort when i level and no dp change.
Like the same way you change portraits to force changes made to base.

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I have an exotic Ice Flak HP and I want to put the new Exotic Ice + Dark Flak HP also, are they gonna to stack?

Yes they are. I have both also. The reason they stack is that they have different secondary attributes.


So now that you’ve had the new rune for a few days, what’s your thoughts about it today? Does that 5% make a noticeable difference?

Stats went down when I applied it it. D

I haven’t defended enough to notice tbh… however I have been hit less :thinking:

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