Exotic Ice Flak Rune - Official Discussion Thread

The Exotic Ice Flak Rune branch is coming this Wednesday! Learn more about this limited-time branch right hyah: LotusBloom Limited-Time Branch: The Exotic Ice Flak Rune

  • I like it
  • I hate it
  • Meh, It’s better than a paper cut, but not better than a Hot Pocket
  • I just wanna see the resu… kidding :wink:

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Good move :+1:t2:

Oh hell yes! I wanted this so much!

I dislike that the usual elemental embers were removed from the line but more chisels are nice.

Is the additional 1k in cost coming from the seasonal key or was that put into the cost of the other prizes and the key is “free” after finishing the line?

We really need an option for glyphs. Otherwise there isnt much inventive to get these for anyone that’s already using 2 exotics and doesnt have more than one kill island


…So do we get to claim something with the extra key or what?

It seems disingenuous to put in an extra key so late into the season without warning, which completely invalidates any planning people could have done before to factor this into their plans. So now people are just going…to have an extra key…?

Edit: oof, Kate just doesn’t pay attention. Still gonna have an extra key though and a 1k more expensive rune though.

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They told us it would have a key at the start of the season.
It would be nice though if there was some kind of exchange at the end for unused keys now that the season has more keys in it than can possibly be used


Perfect , not for this branch ( ofcourse this branch is nice ) , but the info released on perfect time ,
Thanks for making the announcement 2 days before instead of post on same day. This kind of communication players expecting from PG .
Good job.


This idea is v popular on the team, I suspect we’ll be addressing an exchange at some point. I do not have a timeline when this might happen, but I’m just letting you know that the idea has legs.


Appears not to have a glyph option, which is annoying.


Exotic is misspelled on the graphic… :laughing:

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I think there is a misspelling on the photo , is Exotic not Exoctic I think

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Oof. Good eye.


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I like the decision to put in more rune dust again, and to put in sigils. With embers now dropping in higher quantities from gold chests, I think the chisels here make more sense.


Nope, there are never building glyphs in these lines. Only way to get those is to earn them in events, or from runic chests (I think, never bought any).

Nope, runics only had dragon runes. No building or glyphs which makes them really not worth getting for the cost.

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there should be an option to claim either rune or glyph. at this point its difficult to use exotic runes as you cannot equip another unless you remove one.

Please give it a thought.


@PGGalileo Could you look into either reducing the ruby costs for moving base runes and glyphs, or making chisels an option for moving them?

Right now, players are strongly discouraged from restructuring their bases, even for these new runes, due to the costs.

Unequipping a single exotic rune to move it costs 6k rubies - about $17, if you buy the most cost-efficient packs PG offers. If you want to change more than one rune out to move it, you can easily end up twice that or more just to reorganize what you’ve already bought and leveled.


Are you nuts? Asking chissels for base also?


Easier to argue “We need more chisels” than “We need more rubies.” :woman_shrugging: