Exotic Lightning Tower Rune Branch - Official Discussion Thread

A newww limited-time branch is up: Exotic Lightning Tower Rune Branch

Update 7/20: Normal attack doesn’t get boosted by having other nearby lightning towers. The supershot deals 30% extra damage for each nearby lightning tower beyond the first. So 1 tower is no bonus, 2 is 30%, 3 is 60%, etc.

Whatcha thinkin’ about the new branch?

  • Grease lightnin’, go grease lightning! (Positive)
  • Lightning is just a temporary nightlight. (Neutral)
  • Lightning never strikes twice, therefore I don’t trust it! (Negative)

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Meh, it’s not a lightning striker or a glyph so I have no room for it.


thank you for paying attention to your playerbase needs, as always :relieved:

As a player who hasn’t played 3+ years, and therefor doesn’t have any decent striker runes, this is a nice alternative.

Glad it’s lightning and not electroflak.

The big pile of (expensive) extra chisels are also a nice addition, for those who really need them.


Normally HP is a no brainer, I’m curious if due to the nature of lightning towers if they might be the exception to the rule… thoughts?


As a player with nothing lightneing based in runes. Trying to decide to get this or token boost. Going for mythic and looking at what the extra key should be spent as.

I’m thinking the exact same thing :grin: for some reason I expect my lightnings to be squishy anyway, so getting the maximum punch out of them while they still live could be useful. But I’m not sure that that feeling is grounded in reality, they actually have decent health so HP is likely still better, as always.

Willing to be convinced otherwise though…


I am torn too. I normally go for HP based runes, but Attack stats for Lightinings (and Strikers too for that matter) are really useful for Lightnings in particular.

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I put more attack to my lightning cause they’re meant to pack a big punch more than survive long so I’m not sure which one to choose

If you’re looking for a cheap key only then go for the first key in a rider line. It’s a bit late at this point to be getting the token boost.

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It was recommended to me that Attack for Lightnings are better as compared to HP, as Lightnings are long range with shots (naturally). At the same time I’d love me an exotic HP too for them.

Can’t a fan be greedy and have both?! :sob: :laughing:

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I was more making sure I could get through 2 discounts complete. I dont mind it being late for token. Boost. Just looking at cheapest option for the last key. 1 key and what rss I get before it mainly. This would be good because of all the dust I can use and the chisels also. The rune long term would be good but it is not something I need RIGHT now. Hence the indecision.

PG: G-Galileo, do they like it?
Me: Shhh! Shhh!
PG: But…
Me: Shhhh!



Maxed lightening tower rune will give 10% increase to main feature and only 5% to secondary feature.
I believe this is disappointing and needs adjustment! :nerd_face:

For prospective, a mythic rune will give 5% boost for both AP+HP. CONSIDERING ASSOCIATED COST OF RUNE DUST AND SIGIL, it has to be better :pray:

Could you replace Secondary feature to something like SuperShot boost or speed?
Or perhaps, make Both boosts at 10%.


Dude, you are awesome, I have to say it!

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At least this Exotic Rune Branch is somewhat done right!
Though most of us still wonder if Glyphs will be offered instead in the future. :upside_down_face:

(Still appreciate you nonetheless!)


You mean… exactly like the four exotic runes before this one?


first rider key costs 3850 sigils. Mission boost key costs 5.9k from start to finish, 2750 if you have the 100% already done. This key costs 6k sigils
So cost wise the mission boost key and this one are more expensive. It comes down to how much do you want to spend for that 1 key vs what you get along with it


thx for the info, was already debating… getting off topic. Thanks again

I’m thinking the same. Lightning towers are usually the last to get hit and the first to fall over. That atk rune would give a lot more punch for free considering the time it will take for towers to get hit.