Exotic rune too expensive remove

I recently was confronted with the expense of moving an Exotic Dark Flak rune from my short island to my long island. While i paid the 6k rubies needed to perform the operation, it made me sick to spend that much money to move a rune. There was a previous post that was closed complaining about the same issue. For players who like to experiment with moving runes, the cost of moving an exotic needs to be more inline with the price scheme of the other runes.

Please change this!


I completely agree. You can try out gear, you can try out moving towers around. Why can’t you experiments with runes too?

An alternative would be the ability to hide the effects of perches and runes on the base, but only for the owner. I only mention this because I’m not sure which of the two options would be easier.

It’s not? What am I missing?

Yes, I’m joking


Lol it’s called greed. Why do you think it’s taking so long for PG to release rune removal on dragons.
But hey they got you to pay the 6k rubies so +1 for the financial dept. They try to find the line of bad deal and rip off

It certainly couldn’t be a new/different mechanic of any kind. Or god forbid around the idea of attempting to balance it.


Basically $20 to move the rune lol

Looking at other Runes 3K should be the cap, just went through this as well and it didn’t feel fair to first get the rune in an expensive way and then change the location in an too expensive way as well.

I don’t think anyone has a problem with PG making a profit. They are a business. But with morale and player retention so low, why would you nickel and dime players to death if you wanted the game to really thrive?

I agree with the statement about trying to appease the player community. This is supposed to be the year of the player, so why introduce something new only to frustrate people. The Voice of the player should be the priority to make the game better, the community stronger and grow the number of people.

Great discussion everyone.

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