Exotic Shield of Rage Tooltip Clarification

Hey gang, the team is issuing a bit of a clarification after we received some questions about Rage.

Internally, 100 rage points fill up 1 section of a dragon’s rage bar. The audience (and even spell tooltips) typically refer to 1 rage bar as 1 rage.

But the new Exotic Shields of Rage have tooltips that say Gain 1 Rage on Tower Kill.

What these shields really do is give point 1 (.1) rage point per tower kill at level 1. This increases by point 1 (.1) rage point per item level.

If fully leveled, the Exotic Shield of Rage will give a half a point of rage on the rage bar if you clear a 5-tower island.


Thanks for the clarification.

This is way more underwhelming than what was being discussed among the user base :joy:


This is still terribly confusing.

What these shields really do is give point 01 (.01) rage bars per tower kill at level 1. This increases by .01 rage bars per item level. At max level, each tower killed will grant .10 rage bars, meaning a short kill island (of 5 towers) will net you half a bar of rage.



This really needs to be changed in game to say gives 0.1 rage instead of 1 rage. Since very few players will see this post and this is a very important clarification


1/2 a point out of 100? Or 1/2 a rage bar at fully leveled? 1/2 a point is so unbelievably insignificant it is an embarrassment to even mention it.

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At max level you get 1 bar per long island (10 towers) and 0.5 bars per short island (5 towers)

@PGGalileo y’all may want to send out an in game mail before support gets swamped with tickets.

In my opinion the extra health and healing alone make it worth it. Definitely getting it.

Also…the rage chosen seems like a very odd number. So inconsequential that it’s not really worth having. Can the team that made this choice expand on their reasoning?


It’s well-balanced IMO. It’s not meant to be (and shouldn’t be) a game-changer. 1 bar of rage for 10 towers killed seems perfectly reasonable. Any more and gameplay will be completely altered.

Now, making base dragons weaker and using this as an excuse is another discussion.


I don’t really look at the HPs or the Rage, as both are too small to make a difference.

What I do look at is the ability to get 2 extra pieces of “mythic” gear a season. Which is a nice catch-up mechanism for players that did not have atlas day 1. And something for players like myself that have a lot of excess badges left over each season with nothing but repeatable chests to claim.


That is what it feels like they did.

Also, I agree it’s a good balance. I’m more curious about the oddity of the amount of rage regen. Why even bother coding it in if it’s so small? I guess the easy answer is that makes it easier to code in greater rage regen later?

Its to make it balanced. It honestly can’t be much larger than that without breaking dragons. Maaaaayyybbeeee, you could put it at .2, but I imagine for the right rage hungry dragon, killing 5 towers and getting back 1 full bar of rage would be extremely powerful.

Rage gain is a funny thing. For some dragons its largely irrelevant, others if they get too much rage gain they become broken. So smaller numbers are safer here.

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You’ve got it wrong. You’re saying that it gives .01 rage which is 1/100 (imagine that as a fraction) when what it really says is that it gives .1 rage which is 1/10. In reality instead of a whole island giving you half a bar of rage each individual tower would give you half a bar of rage when fully upgraded.

Lv 1 gives 0.01 rage, lv 10 gives 0.1 rage per tower


Please check your math and wording as .5pts rage on a 100 point segment would be completely worthless. That’s 1/1000th of an entire bar.


I’m almost there

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But this says that level one gives 1/10th of a rage bar.

It’s not referring to .5 of a 100 point rage segment it’s referring to .5 of a rage bar, which is half a rage bar.

The explanation was confusing. Refer to this

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Duh, I’m aware that 0.5 = 1/2. But Galileo mixed up his metrics. I suspect he meant to say half a bubble, but given his lengthy explanation that a bubble is 100pts and the effect is 1/2 a point, reclarification is necessary.