Expand duskfall season

Pg should add one extra week to this season it would really help free to play players achieve our goals

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Why not expand it 10 weeks? Or a year, so even the least diligent can achieve.

Season length has been known since day 1. You should have planned accordingly.

Bring on the Winter dragons.



1.) it’s an insane idea
2.) it wouldn’t help the f2p players that much (if at all)
3.) could you please specify:

because this part of the sentence doesn’t make any sense to me. Our goal?


No! I want new dragons! Duskfall dragons are boring now. :rofl:

Sarcastic much ? :joy::rofl: is a simple suggestion dnt gotta get all worked up about and there’s people the play this game hard and cnt get mythical dragon not because they are underachievers but because they dnt have the rss $$ ,

Yeah they were all horrible expect mystic , hope pg brings some good dragons next season

Sorry I completely disagree. As a f2p player myself I have managed to get pathox this season 100% no spending minus elite. I did this through planning, management and patience. I knew my timescales and worked towards them. It’d be a bit of a kick if the goalposts move and I could have spent less time grinding.

Also this seasons dragons were phenomenal. I’m not sure where you got them being bad from (minus cav. He sucked)


Even cav has a purpose for people, still works pretty well with non shield breaking bases. But agree with you, these season’s drags were miles ahead of summer season’s drags


that’s bollocks. Anyone can get one dragon each season without actually paying a penny for it.

How much does it take? 1700/2= 850 sigils during the discount period, but the festive dragon costs only 400.

Please, be reasonable.

Getting the mythic dragon… hmmm… well that’s another story. It can be managed, with hard work, grinding and planning and all that stuff.

But this season the dragons are very good, just as others have already stated. I have only Prospero, and he performs very well. Mythics are overrated.


For a warrior he is decent I’ll admit. Honestly I wanted him to be good. I love his power fantasy of being able to drain rage and get stronger over time. The whole stop him before he gets too strong thing.

He just… doesn’t get that strong. It’s a shame because I want something like that. Tez but more. More drastic. Honestly if they made it so he got 10% total damage (gear, boosts and research inc) or hell maybe even 20. Give him something to that let’s him spike

Then again that whole class needs a rework so it’d probably be best to solve the root issue anyway

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Absolutely agree I made that decision at beginning of season to see how far I could get with out p2p and waxed cavaliers tier nailed token tier and variety of misc items at this point I’m trying to figure out where to waste last couple weeks worth of sigils

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Rather than expand the season, I wish PG will announce the Winterfall dragons (or whatever they may call it), so I can decide whether to blow my savings or being patient :sunglasses:

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Next week!

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Yep, thanks.

p.s. Any spoiler on how they call the season? :eyes:
Hoping for catchy name :grin:


So, you want PG to expand the season, so players that aren’t helping to keep the servers running (free to play) can get the Mythic dragons (which aren’t SUPPOSED to be easy to get).

Makes perfect sense to me! /sarcasm

Do all of the village idiots Does everyone wake up at the same time and flood the forums with stupid ideas? :thinking:

Flag it bitches. Can’t handle the truth, get off the wall.



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PG, you better have an easier way get the mythic that doesn’t involve spending(though it probably will). Also, I’m hoping to see a Krampus dragon, I need to scare the daylights out of naughty people. :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

Also, can’t wait for the FrostCalamity season!

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You don’t need to spend to get the mythic


TBH, I liked the whole mythic split thing that PG did in the summer. It should be tested again during the winter season.