Expand duskfall season

You dont need to spend to get a mythic, you just need to work hard and plan accordingly. This will be my 2nd seasonal mythic I’ve gotten for free. 13 weeks is plenty of time in a season, by which point most people are ready for it to be over and to see something new.

They’re not playing hard enough.

Cavaleris and Prospero are hardly horrible. Sylphen even has a following. On the whole, the community seems to have endorsed this season’s dragons with marked positivity, as compared with other seasons.

Like…every other season. I can’t think of a single season in the last 5 where the entire group of dragons was so generally positively received.

Winter 2018. :eyes:

There is always a way to get the mythic without spending. It’s called hoard your resources for two or three seasons and then go gang-busters for the mythic you want.


And then, bam! You get banned for saving those 100k rubies that you got over a couple of seaslns

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I have 180k rubies and not banned. Is not that simple

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Yes, that has happened a couple of times. Their algorithm messed up. I don’t know that it’s what could be called a common occurrence, and (so far as I know) anyone patient enough to bring it to their attention and then wait for them to do their investigation has been reverted.

Hmm. Guess I’ll look into it. On my other account of course

I find him really fun to fly for a warrior honestly, he takes a modicum of skill that most warriors don’t. I keep him at platinum for temple raid but he’s still taken out bases way above his power with a bit of luck and skill. He definitely won’t be seen parading through my war runs but he’s a fun warrior to fly and a lot more reliable than Sylphen. Here’s a little video of him making through Alleviates (I know, farm bases are not indicative of true power, but it’s still more than most warriors can do).

Anyway, on-topic, this request made me laugh. If you want a mythic, do like the rest of us and save chests, rubies, and perform well in events, or take yourself into credit card debt over a mobile game.

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I’m e2p and I just maxed Pathox’s line with a week to spare. Even have around 3k sigils leftover.

The entitlement threads are strong these days. Plan smart, play hard, and ffs stop complaining. There’s plenty of real issues to put your oar in the water about.

Do better.


I dont really agree with extending the seasons… if anything I feel they are already too long waiting for other dragons… but that’s neither here nor there…

What’s the purpose of obtaining a mythic if every single player can get one… :thinking:

Either spending or well planning of maximizing your time and resources to and saving from season to season will always get you a good amount of dragons…even the mythic if you work hard and smart… by this I mean saving gold chests and rubies from season to season…

Thanks for taking the time to right ideas though, thats what helps get things rolling is good ideas… just prob not this one in particular… have a nice day! :grin:

I also through planning am on obsidian stonenowwith pathox. Wondering where super sigil weekend is as it’s usually last two weekends. Want to finish bottomrow and get his rider as well. Sitting on a ton of rubies waiting…

It’s the last weekend only this time

But you don’t need to do that. I saved /0k from last season and a bunch of chests. That’s it and I’ve made it. It’s not as hard as everyone makes out

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