Expansion Release still 22 November?


And, can we get a hi-res map ahead of the release?


No map, that’s disappointing.
And without an update, we can only assume that the release will happen on the 22nd, as scheduled…


Here’s a new high-res map of the expansion, thanks to @PGFeds!
Click to Download

Please feel free to use it as a resource — make edits and redistribute to your teams to prep!


Thanks Pixxel! Will the new lands indeed be opening tomorrow?


Hey @Pixxel thanks for the map. When I was going in to make edits, it seems that the borders of the high-res map cut off what is super awkwardly and vaguely labeled to be the new expansion. Is this intensional, or is the “new PvP and neutral” map…off?



So are the light blue areas going to be the new land???


Are the light blue areas going to be the new territory???


No @Gennevieve, linked in your last post… The Purple Areas are the new territory. See the map in the link below…

The map from the download link (@Pixxel) with all the light blue is not very useful if you don’t have a basic understanding of Atlas. Go to the Atlas Expation Nov 15th link.


Atops, you rock!!! Thank you!!!
I really appreciate your guidance here! :kissing_heart::+1:t3:


I don’t know if this is the right place to post this question, but I have a scenario in mind would like to inquire. Although there had been discussion during the first wave of Atlas inclusion (Diamond League), even if they fall down. the league they will not lost their Atlas Access.
Let’s assume that teams from Diamond to Platinum are already given access to Atlas:
Scenario = Team from Platinum fall down to Gold (due to maybe some ungrateful players moving to a much higher league :smirk: war is inevitable). Would that team still have access to Atlas in Gold League?
Just askin :man_shrugging:


The team should still have unless you get dropped to Gold League before the Atlas rolls out that week


There are currently gold teams with Atlas access so the answer is yes, they still have access


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