Expansion - Why give away the land?


I know it sounds kind of dumb but why does land expansions simply rely on the quickest primarch to log in and then scroll to the appropriate land location for the team to get the land?

With faster primarchs these days it doesn’t make sense to just give away the land, especially since it is currently “under control of kharnyx” or whatever it says.

Can we station blackbloods on each of these castles as “defenders” with a set amount of troops or at least leave some castle guards in each castle so that teams have to have troops and build up a bit at least before conquering land?

I am not on a team vying for land grabs tomorrow, but this just seems to make sense, that the land shouldn’t be given away to the disorganized who haven’t started to build up any armies yet or who just so happen to log on at the correct time and see that land is available.


I’m new to Atlas so I’m probably missing something, but for those teams who are disorganized and just happen to log in at the correct time, wouldn’t it be just as easy to take it from them as it would be to take it in the first place?

Take unowned castle = 0 loss, sometimes free infrastructure depending on land level

Take castle from disorganized team = have to kill troops, possibly bubble their shield, wait 24 hours, hit between bubble or repeat process.


Yep, I was definitely missing something. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve read up on the mechanics of taking castles, suppose I need a refresher. Thanks!!

Thanks for replying to this Red.

Yeah the idea of giving away infrastructure (up to T5 which contains L5 forts etc on it) to the first team there just seems wrong to me.

Also it’s almost like there should be T2/3 bases/forts that you need to work through to reach the T4/5 lands so it isn’t just a quick grab but you need to work for it. Putting in zero effort to just skip over bases you don’t want is kind of a step in the wrong direction if you ask me.

But i’d definitely like to see the pro’s of why this is done this way currently and if it’s working in the eyes of PG or if a tweak like this would be viable for the next expansion.

I assume it is done this way like settling the Great Plains and the California gold rush. First to establish ownership got to keep the lands. I imagine that someone in PG working on Atlas is a great history buff and wanted the Atlas lands taken like the lands taken across America in its infancy as a country.

I wonder how they managed to convince Kharnyx to leave without a fight :thinking:


Great, now I want to play The Oregon Trail again…



It would make be interesting to see something more than first come, first serve.

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I think it should be more like king of the hill was where many teams can compete for a period or amount of HP, and either the first team to get all HP or the most HP or something should be the one who gets the land.

That being said I do not think any changes should be made between now and the new release tomorrow.

I also don’t see a huge problem with how it currently works since anyone who just got there first would likely be easy to remove unless they would have had a shot at it in the first place. Nobody really violently objected during the last release… although I agree it’s not the best way to expect people to jump at a moments notice and does need massive changes.

I think if we make some sort of large effort for unowned land it will just screw the new teams worse than they already are. And changes should be made to this without haste. Just my opinion though.

I really didn’t want a whole new mechanic to be introduced here. Simpler the better, multiple teams can attack, but then they will have to attack each other since you can’t conquer a castle with enemies located on it. So it will end up being a big free for all for each castle anyways.

Definitely not, and didn’t ask for this. See below

It is easily 10x harder to evict and take it from someone who holds it vs hitting a blackbloods style castle to earn it. The blackbloods style would give some buffer to the timing as well, instead of just saying “go” randomly.

Because it’s PG… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I wasn’t involved in the last expansion… how did it work? Was it like the beginning of a minor event - suddenly it’s just time? Was there an email sent out or what?

I was being explicit due to the way it was being said. Mostly I think pushing it as a hot button before the existing release will make a lot feel like you want it before the next release. The way you wrote it doesn’t exclude doing it sooner, and I think putting heat on this thread after the release is very appropriate.

Yeah but most of the teams who deserve to flip the land are easily 10x stronger. It’s a much bigger issue for equals fighting over land than it is new teams vs established. I can see the level 3-5 as being problematic too. While I think it’s a big deal and important, I think the problems are edge cases. (And everyone who applies to the edge cases are experienced enough and clever enough to minimize)

It certainly needs to change as not everyone has decent coverage in pacific timezone. And lower teams are not necessarily expected to be so well rounded.

I don’t really see any method as being better than the current unless it gives some 24 hour period to compete for the resource. I agree the simpler the better, and yes a simple blackbloods wouldn’t be hard to implement. But it also really adds zero benefit… even most gold teams should have no trouble on an AI. The only real benefit is that you now have to lose some troops. (Or maybe I’m wrong?)

This was almost certainly done as it was less work and adds a slight mechanic to teams who leave land without any protection. Although I doubt it would be too hard to add blackbloods, which still has the same result. Now it’s still random as to who gets there, but you maybe lose 1000 troops and you have an additional 2 minutes before you know who either started or completed the attack first.

The main benefit would be maintaining the nothing gained without troops loss, and maybe level 4/5 couldn’t be as easily beaten by lesser teams. But to me the outcome is essentially the same unless there is a 24 hour competition period.

Same way they are doing it now, they update Atlas and then when it comes back up the land is attackable.

:roll_eyes: I’m not pushing it, just bringing it up as some type of discussion point but i will make it a big bold statement in the initial post if you are going to be whiny about it :man_shrugging:

Maybe just castle guards even, they already have that in place, just put some castle guards on each castle so that it takes 20 minutes to overtake the castle by wiping out the guards.

This helps to postpone massive takeovers. One of the points to this request was to extend the duration between the release of the land, and the physical ownership. Having castle guards will allow other teams to sit on the castle and attack you while you try and take down the guards. It will ensure that you have to wipe them out as well before you can conquer it. It gives others the opportunity now that primarchs travel at light speed and it will take some people under 10 seconds between the go live and the conquer of the T4/5 lands. Literally i’m expecting it to take 10 seconds, 15 if some people have lag.

It’s not only the losing troops, even though that is a very good secondary reason for doing this. Teams should have to give up something in order to take new land, it shouldn’t simply be free and easy. Put some thought and effort into the reward, don’t just be the first one to the punch.

Um. America was already inhabited so taking over it actually meant killing the people already here first…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:




Just first prime that landed ‘won’ the land, or what?

Landed and pressed “conquer”.