Expedite on breeding

Is there any way I can catch up on breeding?
I do all egg quest hourly, do well in events, chesthuntings and all but my breed is not catching up in my fortification levels.
I tend to do really well in fortification and I have rubies and gold chests saved up.

Can anyone let me know when is the best time to spend rubies or gold chest to catch up on my breeding? Or any other superspeedup ways possible? I can grind, no problem, but just how?

Yea sadly is a lot easier to level up compared to breeding, you would just have to slow down on fort events until you catch up :(. Try opening your gold chests during breeding event, and depending on which tier you are, you might need to use speed ups to speed up your dragons.

Check Red’s breeding paths out (like this one). Get the token boost prize during seasons, too. Token missions: have only one dragon in your roster for them, preferable level1 Ember or another red-tier dragon, so you won’t be using as many potions. Speed up the missions when effecient — 1hr or under for the first mission, 2hrs or less for the second, and 4hrs or less for the third. There’s probably more advice that others can give you, too! Just slow down your leveling and follow a breeding path. Good luck!

Spend your chests and rubies during breeding instead of fort. Slow down leveling substantially by upgrading storage and farms and other non xp gaining buildings for a bit

Yes, I have already got the 2x egg boost and chesthunt helps a little with the chest dropping egg tokens too. I feel i have already done everything possible to catch up, but its still not enough.
Does anyone has any other way?
Im surprised at some people who managed to breed really far at their level and im not able to kill people my level with my dragon, its seriously disturbing me

What level are you and what dragon tier are you in? (Platinum, Sapphire, etc?)

Drop a lot of cash or spend months getting your breeding caught up.

Sorry (I peeked).
Level 200, Anapa in highest 3, Level 26 Builder Hut.
Probably towards Mythic Sapphire or Legendary Garnet…

Thats correct. 200 and breeding apophet next.
I think I should be midway through garnet at this level.
I can barely kill people my level too. Lol.

I guess no. At that level, Emerald should have been available.

I can’t give you useful advice, as I’m still lv 86…
But I’d suggest to hold leveling up your base, and focus to breeding instead.

@OrcaFrost is right. Halt your base building and focus solely on breeding. Get on a good breeding path if you aren’t on one already, too. Best of luck :slight_smile:

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People have done this by not going all out during fort events, especially if they are F2P or elite only players. I have never used all my timers during fort and I am now level 167 and hopefully in 3 more breeding events, I will have my first mythic garnet dragon.

I make a choice as to how many levels and/or what prize I am shooting for in fort and STOP there. I do not push past that predetermined threshold. (It also allows me to save timers for speeding up my dragons incubation.)

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You can still score quite well in fort by upgrading support structures such as den, storage, castle, builder hut, farms, mills, etc. they don’t add enough xp to make you level up.

Of course they aren’t as exciting as a shiny new flak tower but they must be done too.

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This might be helpful. Towards the end of the first post is Red’s dragon check-in. It’ll help you get balanced again and warn if you’re outbuilding your dragons because I’m certain you’ve outbuilt them. Sorry for the bad news. :sunflower:

Whats a good time to open gold chest for breed token? Breeding?

Savage has the answer for that. He has a bunch of spreadsheets.


If you want tokens and don’t care about other drops, breeding is the best time.

There are other times when both legendary and epic tokens drop, but the percentages are higher in breeding… You just get more “junk” imo.

But if you are attending to maximize game progression, then even the other good stuff doesn’t matter, only timers and tokens.

So, breeding and feeding are the best when you look at it that way.

Hard advice to flow though since it means you will do less well in the season. It if you are not in Harbinger (or at least obsidian, until 65s come out), doing “well” in a season means less total progress in the game.

That is a very technical way to think about it.

You should do what makes the game fun for you.

Edit: sigils vary the least between events, but they drop at slightly higher percentages in fortification, breeding, and feeding. I think the lowest. Have seen is 14% and the highest is in feeding (and sometimes fort) at 18%…historically… All subject to change in the future.


Dave, if you are breeding everything you can see in the castle that will slow you down. There are a number of breeding guides to make it very efficient. If you are not following one of them it can take forever to get through breeding.

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