What are expediteconsumable1a awards I am getting in bronze chest.INever saw before.

They are timers, the naming is bugged

It does that sometimes after updates

I think that’s 30 minutes

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The game sometimes displays the ID instead of the name for whatever reason:

ID Name
expediteConsumable0a 1 Min Speedup
expediteConsumable0 3 Min Speedup
expediteConsumable1 15 Min Speedup
expediteConsumable1a 30 Min Speedup
expediteConsumable2 1 Hr Speedup
expediteConsumable3 3 Hr Speedup
expediteConsumable4 12 Hr Speedup

Also from experience, you can identify timers by colour. the counter in timers will change anyway so you can ignore this as well.

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