Expert Dragons exist, How about apprentice dragons?

We all have a divine that can’t be evolved any further.

This IS NOT a plea for stones. But what about making them apprentices, similar to experts but maybe the transfer of XP is done at a ratio could be possible? Thinking something like 3:1

If it’s made that you need so much xp on the Dragon to make it an apprentice it wouldn’t make it so there’s just billions of XP out there right away but give us an extra reason to break out that Dragon we miss flying.

This is by no means a complete break down of how I feel it could work. It takes more than my input to get something that works for everyone, but I felt like this is something we could all get behind and make the game better for everyone.


So you are saying being able to transfer Xp off of old divines/dragons without using rubies, at a 3:1 ratio?

No still cost rubies like an expert

Just basically give us the ability to say this dragon is capped like an expert now and use that XP.

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So a way to cap a dragon at their current level and allow the existing experience to be transferred as normal to other dragons?

I honestly like this idea. It would make it far more difficult to accidentally level up dragons we want to stay at a particular level (coughembercough) and would allow you to make use of experience invested in seasonal dragons no matter what tier they end up.

Solid suggestion!

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But you can transfer xp off of seasonal dragons if they are expert and have XP banked over an above that. The only time you can’t is if they are NOT expert (like if you didn’t get all their evolution stones).

I have so much xp on so many dragons but have never transferred to another dragon. I really don’t think it’s worth the price, but maybe I’m just a cheap SOB. For me there are far better opportunity costs for rubies.

That’s what he’s talking about. Dragons that are capped because you don’t have the stones to progress them any further.

I wouldn’t mind having an option on a dragon to freeze them or whatever terminology is used (as long as its not apprentice because that would imply there’s still growth to be had). I would probably never use it because I rarely spend rubies on XP transfers, but I’ve always hated seeing my stunted divines languish with tons of xp sitting on them.

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It can be called whatever, I just think the community as a whole could benefit from being able to tap into that XP resource.

Ok, wasn’t sure as something similar to this was asked about in the past. They’d have to come up with some new way of saying this dragon is capped and have it only apply to divines and ensure that people don’t accidentally “cap” their divines before they really want to.

Seems like it might take a lot of effort and I wonder if the programming time could be better spent elsewhere?

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