Explain how this is possible

Can someone help me understand how this is possible. I won’t post the name.

There was a sieger in NML that I flew to and immediately attacked with my sieger. This person actively defended his(or her) base against me, and I had to use a second dragon. When I got to 65% destruction, he left the battle and I quickly finished to 100%, in less than 15 seconds. I saw the spinning donut of death where I should have seen glory, and figured something was up. I checked my battle log, and there is NO indication of this attack. I then get a popup that the same player attacked me (how?) and took 7500 troops of mine.

How is it possible to leave a battle and then clear my base in that short timeframe? I’ve opened a ticket and got the same cut and paste answer about glory in Atlas. Can anyone explain this?

I had the same thing happen yesterday on three attacks I did and there was nothing in the logs on my attack or any glory. And at the end of the battle had the spinning with no glory no nothing and a few seconds later lost all my troops and had to summon my Prim again.

Was it an identical name that defended or a similar name? Lots of people have alts with very like names and they could have hit you with their other account at the same time.

Name was identical. Of course I don’t have the battle log to prove it, since it didn’t “count”. However, the XP for the dragons and riders did count. So I am asking support to look at those logs to verify… I am not going to hold my breath, but I expect to see some logs from them. I am getting so tired of ‘lag’ or ‘you must have experience a connection loss’ from support…

I have had this happen too and after speaking with support, discovered the battle didn’t even show up in PG’s logs. :unamused:

This also happens to me, a couple of times yesterday.

Had the same happen with me multiple times in terms of pvp battles in nml not registering. What I usually do is reattack and it registers the second time. However it does run the risk of getting attacked by other players or the defender himself.

Would recommend getting a trapper to trap the player while you attack OR asking a teammate to do so.

Its a lag on pvp attacks in NML.

All in preparation for 4.90 release

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How can you still be apart of another team alliance teams chat group and not be apart of those teams

Idk who you’re responding to but the answer is Line

So, I get the atlas lag and you can be attacked while attacking. I think it’s BS, but it is what it is. What I have a problem with is that the person I attacked actively defended his base, left the battle and then his attack registered, taking 7500 troops from me. This should not be possible.

Some teams don’t use line app

Then the answer is a different chat app? Don’t know what to tell you

Did he use the same prime to attack you?

Not understanding whats impossible about it. The player left defense when you reached 65% as you said. I assume that he attacked you right away. If your attack had counted, his attack wouldnt have counted as he would have lost his troops. But since your attack didnt count, his troops were maintained.
Unfortunetly, his attack Did count and so you got that pop up…

Something like this is a common war tactic

Basically you have a second person fly for you and take as long as they can. The first person is able to safely leave without the game notifying anyone (possibly using something not allowed here) and then attack you.

Only after the second person finishes does it attempt to pass the game back to the first person but instead times out…

Doesn’t really match what you are saying but could be another version of that.

It’s also possible depending on your base that you can be killed very fast.

The first battle to complete takes troops first. If there are none left the other battles take troops in the order they complete.

It’s very common to have someone else kill your troops before your attack completes.

how about restart in the middle of the foreseen losing attack to cancel the result? Is that a tactic too?
How can we know what is intended and what is not? should we assume everything our way that isnt clearly declared?

The most sad and annoying part is not the wasted time or the unregistered attack.
Its the 40% lost of your troops.
You are screwed twice ! no more 100% revives

Happened to me just now, and thrice yesterday.

I figured it was just a lag issue but I kept losing troops and gaining no glory till I gave up.

WD is drunk.