Exploiting a glitch and PG response!

Have you ever encounter a player with “battle rejected we cant connect to the server stuff”? Well A lot of dudes are exploiting that glitch to not be able to defend to gain advantage in atlas!. I have written a third ticket to PG but what the hell is PG response. Just the same!.
Can you do something better?.

Oh please. PG!

I’d say this is expected response for this kind of case, especially if punishment to one player is not intended to be disclosed to the others.

Whether it’s considered true or false, the response to the one reporting will be the same.


Dont waste your time reporting they will find a reason to blame it on your device and not take action.
Also this is a standard response to any report of cheating and by a miracle if they find the person has cheated

By not letting anyone know they will not have to compensate people for their losses


i thought this was mostly gone after that 5 seconds swap change

how r people still doing this


I’m still getting booted out of defences as well. It doesnt happen as often so I’m not sure the cause but its still annoying.

I heard it had something to do with the Invoker class and Sothe. A bug caused by them that kicks people out of defense and prevents videos to be viewed fully. An unfortunately highly exploitable bug


I thought so too. Clearly that couldn’t gave been the issue if it’s still happening.

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