Exploits and Extortions

Could we get a little more info about whatever this is about??? Just want to make sure that we aren’t accidentally doing something illegal. Not the extortions and threats part. Obviously that’s all DREADNOUGHT’s fault. I directly blame KingDread. Please raise your hand if you have ever felt personally victimized by KingDread. :relieved::relieved:


Many knows well what they are talking about :joy:

There has been no clear line what is and what isnt an exploitation of the shield mechanics . From my experiences almost every team in game has used/benefited from these " tricks"


Eff, is that almost a confession


@DragonPunch when you get a moment please El Capitan

An objective evaluation of the current situation , but no to my knowledge we as a team havent had issues with cooldowns so far

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Tbh Personally I don’t think the shield thing is a big problem, like it’s the mechanics of the game, I don’t know if pg is so adamant against this they don’t put a fix in rather then say they will punish teams or players, like it is virtually not cheating with how the mechanics are.

There are so many other things out there that need to be fixed as in teams hitting down and mega alliances, and they say they want an open pvp is why they don’t do anything about them, but pvp in atlas will be never open while teams band together and defend and attack with 20-30 teams.

So my response is like I don’t think the shield trick is cheating anyhow, it’s just using the mechanics of the game, and basically if you want to stop it from happening put 270k troops from your ta on the castle.


I agree that this needs some explanation though. I assume pg is talking about teams who surrender to shell teams to immediately reconquer back. However genuine conquers also avoid cooldowns and there are situations where you would want to conquer a castle from an ally who is about to lose it. I’d be interested to know what exactly PG considers cheating.


For a castle to be surrendered conquered or conquered conquered means the castle is conquerable by anyone, so like I said if teams have a problem with this then they can put 270k troops from thier ta when the castle is bubbled and it can’t happen, if they don’t want to risk the troops then bad luck in my opinion.

There is also the problem with being able to surrender your castle when bubbled which imo is stupid but they never fixed this and have never punished teams that have done it and imo that’s way more of an exploit and is a way for a team to get out of the war they are in and put a bigger team or a fresh team in and this robs the team who is warring them thier spoils


For me anyone who uses exploits/cheats should not play, regardless of the alliance!

That’s the difference between us.

You always talk about others and the same topics, I say that if you use exploits/cheats it is right that you be punished.

Personally, I have only seen this kind of exploit from your 5ta and fiery so I would expect you to be hit by this post, if others also use it it it is right that they are punished too :man_shrugging:t2:

Ps: we don’t have any 15 TA :joy:
we’re just a 5ta!!

Constantly exchanging the castle between allies in such a way that it is always bubbled without ever having a CD, this is the exploit we are talking about and I agree that it must be removed and the teams ( regardless of the alliance ) that have used it shamelessly should be punished!
And yes, it’s a big problem which absolutely does not conform to the dynamics of this game

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I think this is one of those topics best not discussed.

Players will always min/ max game rules.

Discussions can get heated. Sometimes screenshots are one side only.

Pretty sure the in game mail just means don’t exploit the rules and play nice. Cams 23-78 are now on and recording.

I assumed PG was talking about surrendering castles to shell teams and conquering back immediately, not allies conquering from each other. This is why pg needs to clarify this…


I don’t care who uses it, anyone who uses cheats/exploits should be punished!

Honestly, this continued need of yours to always emphasize alleged alliances or friendships under any topics does not interest me.

Here we are talking about a use of exploits that must be stopped and punished, the alleged alliances or friendships have nothing to do with it. :man_shrugging:t2:


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The exploit in question is quite clear, conquer and regain a castle to constantly have the possibility of the active shield without cd.

Needless to say, they don’t express themselves correctly, you know what the problem is.

And no, no one else can conquer it because the exchange is made with e the bubble up in a few seconds and as soon as the end the former team still has the castle with the shield active without cd.

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Keep talking about non-existent alliances, I only have a 5ta!

And I’m going to keep saying that I don’t care who used it or why, whoever was should be punished.

They cannot surrender a castle if you park 270k troops there though. If the team is not surrendering to a shell team and immediately reconquering, then you have plenty of opportunity to conquer the castle.

How can PG tell the difference between people intentionally avoiding cds and people playing hot potatoes with castles because they’ve lost their worth? There are plenty of t4 cooldowns that are not avoided intentionally but are constantly conquered and reconquered because they have no worth.

Surrender-conquer is obvious enough but when we are talking about conquers it isn’t as simple, and will become even less simple when Pg releases 500+ new castles.