Explosive Shield 6% and Lethal Barrier 4% are seriously underpowered, stats

Thought this update was supposed to fix base HP spells finally? Video description has all the details.
Opened ticket #1410832, but want forums take on this.


I didn’t see that in 4.80 patch notes

It was support chat when I previously mentioned this issue a while back.

Support is a very knowledgeable source.


:rofl: that’s a good one, it’s the reason I came here this time.

Ok so adding to video description the true base HP is 6,014,327 according to dragon-manager. This makes 240,573 damage 4% of base HP with runes doing absolutely nothing besides occasional double explosion.

Support is not correct.

Seems like @PGMichael dealt with healing mark and base hp moves earlier?

You must be one of the 3 people these days who still use a dragon with Lethal Barrier lol. They are such old divines and their tier cap is so low that they really aren’t viable or relevant anymore. I think this may be the reason for such a low priority fix

That I have no doubt. I got Tarands Garnet stone to still use and this issue is horrible. Have a few on my team that use him or sage as well, but idk how their stone situation is.


They are to those under 200

The number of players who were around for Tarand (winter 2016/17) and still under L200 are few.
Also, i’m not sure that L200 and under is the number, i’m thinking it’s around the L120 mark that Tarand becomes non viable due to the new flak towers which can bring down the shield in 1 shot.

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Tarand and Sage both became irrelevant around Sapphire imo

They became irrelevant since the DF was introduced, so since level 45 onwards.


Definitely not the case, even with this issue lvl 150-170’s bases Tarand does well using his full spellset combo. Lots don’t have a massive flak presence because of fragments difficultly. Edit: And that’s a sapphire maxed Tarand, not even garnet.

Only because this issue

Speaking of Sage I just hit the numbers on him as well and Lethal Barrier is 4% of true base HP with him as well.

OK let’s not worry about the viability of the spell, but where exactly does it explicitly say the damage numbers on LB? My understanding was that it would ABSORB damage up to 30% of base HP and then would explode upon trigger or timer running out. Not sure what the damage was supposed to be or whether it was detailed out anywhere…

Amoeba edit: has explosive shield damage at 30% of base HP and when I brought this up with support a while ago as previously mentioned I had, they agreed Lethal Barrier should damage 30% of base HP as well.

Viability is if working correctly my Tarand explosion should take out a lvl 43 DF one explosion and a lv 50 DF if used twice or double blast kicks in.

Also corthanak Ghostfire Blast dont give the same amount on damage on each cast especially when the cast is close together

More data, explosive shield seems to be doing 6% base HP damage. Did the shields get nerfed? That’s messed up considering the hype on warriors suck “make them great again”.

Any numbers you can give? Lvl of Corth and damage of explosion? Edit: it lists that one as 15% of dragons max HP.

That’s a completely different issue lol.

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It’s not different because that spell damage is based on base hp

Read the post I linked. The damage being reduced on the second cast has everything to do with time between the activation of the spell and the casting and nothing to do with scaling.

Did you know that corth’s blast damage scales with gear?

So no. It is completely different than the OP’s topic.