Extension of Lotusbloom Seasonal Discounts

I feel that the discount period for the upcoming season should be extended to three weeks, into the Fortification event.

  1. Before anyone gets on my ass with this point, I’m not asking for free stuff to be handed to me on a silver platter. More sigils will need to be earned and grinded for the average player to make full use of the discounts anyway, so the overall expenditure of sigils within the first discount period has still increased.

  2. The price hike is regressive, and especially taxes non/low spenders, who are unlikely to convert to spending more, especially if they are already struggling to finish a single cheaper discount line in two weeks. They seem like the wrong people to be taxing.

  3. The cost increase hits e2ps and f2ps harder than the sticker price, as there are only so many sigils one can earn from events. Going from 15.5k sigils to 35k sigils isn’t a mere x2 increase in terms of resources needed, it’s closer to 6x as much.

  4. Conversely, discounting two lines makes it cheaper for spenders to get a mythic. Where before a mythic would cost 75.5k sigils, now a mythic costs a mere 69k sigils if both discounts are completed within the discount period. This discount is good; but it seems to be aimed at the part of the game population that needs it least.

  5. It’ll be the second season in a row with no discount fort. Given how most grinders open their gold chests in fort, in order to get more timers, it seems reasonable to account for this. It seems bad to make people choose between a cheaper mythic, and prioritising fort chests to deal with the increasing costs of keeping up in the game.

In order to account for the discount increase from 15.5k sigils to 35k sigils, please consider extending the discount by one more week. This would give people more choices about when they can open their chests, as well as alleviate the pressure of the cost increase. At the same time, 35k sigils is over a 2x price hike on top of 15.5k sigils, so people would still be spending more resources to get the discount.


Everybody would like to make good use of the discount, okay. But if you dont have enough (and i certainly wont spend that many rubies or open that many chests, just to have n excess of sigils at the end of season), just go for one, as usual. You got offered the choice between 2 discount lines.

My biggest issue is that it’s a discount for the largest spenders who can actually make use of both, and a tax on everyone else. I believe everyone should get a chance to make use of both discounts.

If only one line was discounted, fair enough. I wouldn’t care as much. It’s the element of choice that makes this so painful- kind of feels like a kick in the face when the people who least need the help get discounts that no one else gets. Much like the rest of the game, I suppose.


Agree, and still you wont change PGs mindset.

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You never know for sure until you try to point out why you disagree with something. That’s the whole point of the forums. :slight_smile:


I agree with you, unfortunately it seems like they plan to close the game sooner rather than later, so they have to milk fast. In the end, game player base will be as large as WD summit attendees …


I still feel that that would be a fix for something they shouldn’t have broken to begin with.

In other words, I feel the proper fix would be to drop the price hike.

If for some obtuse reason that can’t happen, extending the discount to four weeks would mitigate the damage done. Three weeks, while obviously better than two, would still be quite punishing on e2p/f2p.


I fully agree with your points.

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Oops, wrong thread. But I really do hope PG reconsiders the direction they seem to be going in.


I agree with Morreion that they shouldn’t have messed with the prices in the first place. “We haven’t increased prices in x number of seasons” is not a good reason to increase prices. Are people suddenly able to earn far more sigils? I must have missed this blessed change.

I support a 3 week compromise. It lets the low/non spenders acquire a few more discount prizes, provides more control over when players can open chests, and PG can still put a (misplaced) squeeze on low/non spenders (while letting the bigger spenders ultimately spend less). Everyone wins!


I support this.

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while i do agree with most parts…

i disagree with this. the need is about the same for everyone except who don’t give too much damn about the game. it’s more about how desperately they want, imo.

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I definitely support this but I think 3 weeks is ok . 4 is gonna be huge gift lol

I totally agree, the cost increase is a big burden on lower players and free players especially.

Not only does everyone have to spend more for what still is just an “end game” dragon, but players in Garnet tier are paying the same price for a dragon they can only use for a couple seasons essentially! And now they are paying more for it.

The Sigils earned from third event will be only a small dent in the cost of completing both discount lines, but would be very helpful AND allow players to open chests during fortification event - which we otherwise wouldn’t be able to (if we want to make use of the discount, which we obviously do) and this would seriously hurt overall game progression.

I really feel like 3 week discount is a solid compromise that alleviates some of this sudden burden without completely removing the changes PG is going for - to me it seems like a fair solution for everyone, as is definitely worth their consideration.


I support this.


I don’t understand why it’s 34.5K?

Isn’t from 35.5K and 34.5K?

It should be 35K right?

While I love the fact that I can now choose to either get the dragon or the base boost discounted, by them making them both flat discounted for the same two weeks really only benefits those who will drop a couple hundred dollars in the first 2 weeks to get both completed. As an e2p player, I can’t afford to complete more than 1 discount and I need to save chests to open during fort for timers and embers.

I wholeheartedly support a compromise to 3 weeks discount to at least let me get some of a second line at 50% discount, I still won’t get the whole line anyways so it doesn’t really make that much a difference. The spenders will still get their bonus that spending will let them complete it.


It should be yes. To get both discount lines it is 35k sigils assuming my math is correct.

Oops, @Clytorici0us is right. My math is bad and my research poor. :sob:


Very well put and I couldn’t agree with you more. Thank you for putting this together.