Extension of Lotusbloom Seasonal Discounts

Ups. I saw the different bet apparently. Lol

I’m hoping since the discounted lines don’t show when they expire that we are going to get good news🤞

To be honest , just overlooking the branches and here,… i have a bad feeling

…even with additional prices, goldchest are less than expected

edit: btw they how 18.03 as last day of discount… probably this will be a hard season.

Yess, they do…3/18, looks as if there is no extension, unless PG surprises us with one between now and the end of discount period :disappointed: At least we tried if do not see one at all. Nevertheless, still appreciate @PGMichael for having come out, and talked with us about it, and for keeping us informed like he did :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks, Micheal :hugs:

Great, just what wanted to hear, thanks :unamused::+1: Well, off to see how much grinding will help or not :roll_eyes:

Just look in some other topics, there are calculations how to play at best.

Everytime you need to be prepared for the worst.

75 days of speed ups on the last page of both boost and dragon totally 150 days

Scratch that, that’s just between two prizes lol total is 240 days on the last page for both discounts

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Yea you are right, maybe not goldchests , but timers are there . 240 12h , depending if you choose them instead of embers

Well I guess since the season has started we are not getting an extension.

I think we all deserve at least an answer if there will be an extension of the discount period

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Why should they extend it? 2 weeks as allways, with proper chests savings u get 1.5 linies done end of next week pvp. Season has started, no changes so think its time to close this one here.

To somewhat balance the 13k sigil price increase for mythics? Have you missed the last 500 posts?


With proper chest savings it wont coast more :man_shrugging:

:joy: Uhhh. This was debunked some 200+ posts ago. Go read, it’ll do you some good.


It’s not a choice lol.

Well really they have two weeks to make a decision. Or at minimum a week. Not sure how many folks open chests during breeding lol



Why should open during breeding? Wont make a difference open them next week.

You totally missed my point lol

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The question is … how much goldchests you will use … and how much you win back for next season .

There could be a difference, so that saving alone perhaps wont safe you for the future. Hmm