Extension of Lotusbloom Seasonal Discounts

Wait what? U’ve already chosen the solution, and it’s not the good one!

Are you surrender with this fight? Well, I still have faith PG will listen to us this time.

Three weeks for discount branches!

If you asking for a change then I’ll raise the discount to the whole season.

@PGJared @PGDave

I agree to the extension of the discount period.

Increased 4500 Sigils😡
It is reasonable to extend the period to two discount points, at least three to four weeks.

For two weeks, a user who can open both discount points will be counted.

The PG should also care about the middle class.:handshake:

Please do not stack it with the mythical dragon attributes of previous events.

This is not very good.
Of course it must be different​:facepunch::frowning:

I’m not good at English,
I use Google Translator.

Do not ignore my opinion😡


Some days before i asked @PGJared aswell for 3 weeks here in forum. @PGawal
The reasons for that was very understandable in my opinion.

Before we had 2 events which covered alot of burden of the 15,5k sigils.
So if you get for example 10-12k out of 2 events , you only need 3.5 -5.5k sigils from goldchests inside that 2 weeks. With that the total cost of a mythic dragon is only 75.5k sigils.

Now with the new situation the 2 events will not cover anymore alot of that burden/price, so if you gain again 10-12k from 2 events , the remaining part is much higher.
To get again the same price of 75.5k sigil overall , you would have to get 29k inside that 2 weeks. So in that case , 10-12k from events only cover a bit more than 1/3 of the price.
The remaining 17-19k would be much more expensive to get , than 3.5k-5.5k as before from goldquests… the difference is much more then before.

And with 29k sigils you just get the same cost of the mythic dragon, thats why we took that number . Even if in the additional lines are 50 goldquests, that would only cover 1k sigil… where you still would need alot more goldquests. While from 100 goldquests you get at average 2067 sigils nearly , its really expensive compared to before. You can calculate how many goldquests you need to use then to get that amount of sigils just to match the same price as before… for 19k its over 900…

Thats why i asked aswell if that period couldnt be 3 weeks … that would include 1 more event , and would help a bit more .
If not, we just need to adapt to the situation, and make a 2 seasons plan , because fortification and breeding switches.


Imho I think they should care equally about all classes. There should be things for them all. This hits the lowest rank and the f2p hardest.


I agree with an extension too, as 2 weeks for 35k sigils is quite extreme for most people.

Tl;dr at the end :sweat_smile:

I’m E2P and a hoarder, so I have a substantial amount of gold chests saved up and quite a bit of rubies even after sigil chests this season but I’ll still need to sacrifice a good chunk of rubies in the first two weeks, in this case Kingdom Wars.

I remember suggesting an increase for the discount length some time ago but I don’t think it was very visible. One of the good reason mentioned was it allowed people to really choose during which event they wanted to open their chests season after season as needs can vary depending on player progression and level.

(I obviously didn’t realize this would curse us with a huge increase in sigil cost at the time)

Another issue with two weeks discount is a more extreme situation as we had before. Assuming you can get 35k sigils in two weeks and only aim for one Mythic, you are going to push heavily in event for two weeks, then what? You have one line left to go for the Mythic.

  • Either you push as you did before and end up with extra sigils before the end of the season


  • You decrease your average sigil target and save resources, but also get less prizes unless the prizes you drop are “pure” bonus sigil prizes.

There’s also a third certainly unpopular option which is to stop participating actively in events as soon as your goal is achieved to save Inner Fire and stuff. I thought I should include this even though it is likely rare and frowned upon as it can be very punishing for your teammates who are still trying to gather sigils for their goal.

Let’s not get all worked up about the discount though. Slight off-topic but still related is the sheer cost increase of a single line! 4500 sigils would have been a reasonable increase for three lines leading to the Mythic, not 4500 sigils per line!!! That’s 13500 cost increase for a Mythic, not even considering two!

Here is me still wondering if there was a miscommunication within PG’s office higher ups concerning the cost increase…

I know there has been talk sometimes that getting a Mythic had become “too easy” for an average level active player due to sigil chests, but don’t you think that’s a bit extreme? You held off increasing sigil cost too much for a year then you slap us with a brutal cost increase, obviously players will react! Even I doubted myself for longer than I like to admit and I’m usually staying neutral until I know more about the changes!

While there may be good things that remain to be seen about the new key layout (like finding a sweet spot between 1 to 6 keys per line to eventually spend noticeably fewer Sigils) and maybe make it less a burden to achieve a Mythic for smaller players if they focus on the “cheapest” lines excluding the festive (I said maybe, because I’m not an expert at crushing numbers and it’s just a guess until we know more about the sigil prizes layout).

Tl;dr: at last all I have to say is that spending 900+ chests from my hoard and rubies, including at least 250 or a bit more from both discounted lines is really taxing my good mood and yearning for Naja…

Edit: while it’s good to encourage people, especially those who manage to get a Mythic, to open gold chests instead of sigil chests, the method seems very poorly thought out in regards of activity throughout the entire season.


I like the idea of a longer period for discount but I was thinking of something slightly different.

I’d like to see a discount line stay discounted for the whole season. I believe this would act as a real incentive for new player to essentially gain half off resources.

I also like the idea of a second time limited discount line and trying to think of how this combination wouldn’t be exploited and suggest it may go something like this.

Both discounted lines are initially time limited for 2 weeks (tbc).

If you complete at least 1 whole discount line by the end of the 2 weeks, the other discount line loses its discount.

If you haven’t completed a discount line by the end of the 2 weeks the discount remains on the line you have started but the discount disappears from the other line.

You can only start a 2nd discount line during the discount period after fully completing the first.

This mechanism would, I think, benefit both those looking to spend a load of resources and/or money to get 2 discount lines finished within 2 weeks but would also benefit all players in the game who would have access to a discounted line for the whole season.


Think this is good idea, and could help the f2p and e2p players :blush::+1: Was thinking along this lines myself :slightly_smiling_face:

So basically just only punish the people who can’t finish a single discount line within the two weeks, as compared to the larger population of people who can’t finish two discount lines in two weeks?

Honestly this seems like the exact rationale I provided for not supporting the shift to two discount lines in two weeks- it taxes the population in the game that needs the most help.

Not to mention letting people keep the discount beyond a limited time loses the attractiveness of having people spend resources to complete discounts within the allotted time, which means PG will never go for it. What’s the rationale behind this suggestion again?

Not at all. An unfinished discount line remains discounted for the whole season

How would you prevent someone from saving the last prize at the end of the initial 2-week discount period, then paying for it and benefitting from the second discount?

Edit: scratch that… I understood it as two individual discounts either successive or separated by a few weeks…

That’s the point of the second discount line. It means everyone in the game has the whole season to complete at least one discount line but those looking to really push and spend during the limited time period (whatever time period that may be) can get 2 discounted lines.

Consider someone who doesn’t finish the first line, getting the first line discounted for the rest of the season. Now consider someone who finishes the first line and starts on the second line during the discount, also getting that same discount on line 2 for the rest of the season.

Overall, the second person, with the resources to finish the first discount line and have some extra sigils leftover, is able to get all 18 keys with less total resources. How is this not similar to my objection:

That wouldn’t happen

If you complete the first discount line, the second discount line doesn’t remain for the whole season. It disappears at the end of the discount period.

Ok, sorry I misread your point. Again, though, I don’t understand why PG might choose to remove the appeal of spending resources for a limited time discount by extending it’s duration to last the whole season. May as well not discount it at all, since people who barely make it to the completion of the first line within the first two weeks will just give up on the second line and slack on completing the first line in 2 weeks.

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There would definitely be a group of players, probably somewhere in the middle who would be no better off, but also no worse off by these changes.

For me I was looking towards the newer end of the player pool and how a discounted line for the whole season would benefit them,

Not to sound stupid, but I am new to forums, what is E2P???

People who don’t pay for packs, but only for elite.

raises hand


Elite2Play. Used to describe people who do pay for elite (regular and/or atlas), but who don’t spend on packs.

Looking at it from a pure player-benefits point of view won’t appeal.