Extension of Lotusbloom Seasonal Discounts

What a big letdown tbh :weary::expressionless: kinda hoped they will listen to the community but apparently “it is not doable”


just b/c it’s pg. :smirk:

You’re right. PG is a business and relies on payments. However, they being a BUSINESS should also know that their product needs to work for customers to PAY! That being said, Atlas hasn’t worked right for months, retrieving gifts during events doesn’t work right, after EVERY SINGLE UPDATE, things are screwed up for hours, servers can’t even keep up with what they are doing now, let alone updates and hair brained Atlas renewal. So, again, you’re right, PG is a business, but a very poor one at that. Would I spend if things worked? YEP! Not a bunch because I’m poor as hell, but I’d still spend a bit. Let’s do this! FIX ALL THE BUGS! FIX THE SERVER! And why they are at it, lower the price of Atlas Elite to 10.00 a month and watch their revenue SOAR! There are ways this company can make money, but NOT with a broken, half a*/ game.


more prizes is the best idc what folks say thank you pg

Thank you for these changes, if it’s gonna be enough I can’t say, I am happy to read PG actually does have consideration with the ftp players!)

“However, our team recognized this concern with our F2P players needing to earn more sigils following our cost changes for this season.”


Okay so a quick summary:

  • A few ten tousand sigils price hike
  • A request to extend the discount to be able to use a few thousand sigils more towards the discounts
  • The answer: To give us 25 more gold chests which equals a few hundred sigils (~500) plus some other resources from these chests and from the other buffed prizes which together won’t help at all to reach one more sigil prize tier in either of the events running during discount period.

I mean luckily I’m not personally affected by this at all, but for anyone who got hit by this change out of nowhere it’s “thank you for nothing” I guess :man_shrugging:t3:


I have often defended PG but there is nothing to argue about when you lie to us like this. Such an answer is a direct insult at the players math skills. Imho, it’s better to say nothing than openly lie and take your players for fools


Where is the lie?

No kitties. However, anyone overly disappointed can make a request via the: “Its quiet, too quiet” off topic thread and I’ll find something amusing and witty. I’ll even hook Morreion or Raziel up if they want.

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:rofl: So easily placated. You’re the ideal f2p player for PG’s purposes; angered by little and easy to placate.

Just because someone says they’re going to help you doesn’t mean they’re going to, especially if it doesn’t show in their actions.

Double of nothing is still nothing.


That’s all fine and dandy but PG is exceedingly talented at making this game miserable based on historical record.

Sure it’s nice they say they might get around to fixing things. Took 4 years to fix the cloak bug. It’ll probably take another 4 for healing mark spells to work on atlas monuments. I dont equate words to actions.

In theory, if someone says they’ll do something they will probably, or should, do it. The problem with this is that theory and practice are the same in theory but not in practice.

Also it’s not polite to pick on Kate for being a simple lady. I’d advise you choose your words more carefully in the future. She has a lot of spreadsheets and fort planners to manage so you could try and show a little respect.


Normal people set expectations based on precedents and it seems to me you’ve summarily failed to make your own judgements over the entire duration you’ve been playing this game. Shall we play a counting game as to how many times exactly PG has said they’ll be ‘watching’ something to ensure ‘game balance’, while ignoring all player-observed phenomena til something aligns with their whims?

Just look at all the disparate Atlas suggestions they’re churning out; putting aside player opinions in favour of returning to the drawing board to pull something else new and not necessarily better out of their butts. Ridiculous egg token price increases. Insufficient discounts for non-endgame, irrelevant content. Gold chest contents not scaling up with the amount of resources needed to stay relevant in the game. The easiest place to be in the game being endgame. Rampant account sharing… etc. etc. Hopefully you get my point; only simpletons wouldn’t. It’s almost as though they don’t play the very game they make.

You, on the other hand, aid and abet that by letting them get away with it; even worse, you normalise it. If I could express my opinion in a single word; I’d use your name.


She’s simply confused. Not confusedly simple.


Ok, I apologize for calling you simple, that was uncalled for. I was not amused by the way you called me out. That said, I don’t think it’s of very much use to call PG a bunch of liars and/or keep on nagging about something they’ve already addressed and say they’re monitoring, somehow it doesn’t come on to me as constructive.

So after knowing the details of this season, we should make a season plan for this situation.

So basically , if you try for the mythic and wont finish both 50% lines , then look in different topics, where there can discussed about . :+1:

Somehow I think YOU are confused…
I’ll say it just in case: if you’re thinking about @ConfusedKate that’s the wrong Kate you’re talking to in this thread :laughing:

Psst. This bad-tempered, large, avian fellow is on my team, and delights in my pain.


Ooooh… I know who now! :laughing:

People changing names confuse me :laughing:

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Hello groot-parent! :wink: