Extra egg trade in

I would love the opportunity to trade in my extra unused eggs like my 773 purple eggs or my 173 platinum for something in a trade outpost for some breeding tokens or some egg fragments or chests or whatever. Just a thought.


Second this. Maybe add a trade-in feature or a “combine 20 red eggs for 1 purple” or something comparable. Lots of wasted storage for never to be used again items.


I got 70 orange research eggs and i completed all orange researches. I agree with you


Good idea

Not a bad idea really! Egg tokens would also be very easy for PG to balance, since there’s a minimum number of egg tokens you need to spend to get an egg it can never become a loophole for free tokens.

I think that would be very tricky because of the huge differences in cost between tiers. Sometimes the jump in single-egg token cost from one tier to the next is huge (like x40 for orange=>green), while other times it’s 1x (red=>purple) or even 0.2x (blue=>orange). Would be hard to have a mechanic for it, and probably not worth the effort to build a system for that.

They could offer trades like that in the trading post of course, but it would be very niche, since it would only offer one egg type for one other egg type, not a lot of people would need exactly that specific trade. Trading eggs back for breeding tokens like the OP suggested is probably more universally useful, you can then use those tokens to get the other eggs you do need.

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