Extra harbinger eggs dont count for builder hut

Hey guys,
Extra breeding harbinger eggs dont count for builder hut for me. German support sux and dont help. Ive sent screenshots but no answer for three days now… and idea whats the problem with that bug??

@WitchoftheWild had this problem too.

And? Is it fixed for u? And when how?

harbinger and obsidian egg looks almost the same. You sure you’ve used the proper combination?

Check http://www.dragon-manager.com/ for what dragon is best to breed to get harbinger eggs (basically have Destar as Parent 1)

You might have bred obsidian dragons.

I breed harbinger. Im trying keth atm. But every extra harbinger egg i got - nothing counts.

Rhyo is an obsidian dragon so you are getting obsidian egg

I breed Keth and Raijin. So i breed Harbingereggs

So since it does breed 2 harbinger, then the most likely cause would be you have used a different combination and thought it was keth and raijin.

Destar and estril to breed Lokan gives 6-7 harb eggs. But few combos gives extra eggs.

Those don’t count as “extra” eggs

They are consumed in order to hatch those dragons

Also as Kenshin explained, when you breed Keth for example you will get many of the far left egg which looks harbinger in color due to the egg being purple but it is actually (Rhyo) obsidian. (Orangish border but purple egg)

Similarly when you breed Rajin the far left egg looks purple but is actually (Marianas) Obsidian.

Many people had this confusion. I myself thought I had produced 5 extra harb eggs but it turned out they were obsidian.

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