Extra huso shards after maxing

So I have maxed huso so I opened 30 more Draconic chests and I got 90 huso shards what are they for I have maxed him why do I have extra ?

@PGGalileo kind of interesting here. I presume this is based on the next teir being added to drop table? When not yet in game.


Are you sure you got all of them? Could possibly be that you’ve miss counted?

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I have checked the game files and an Upcoming Tier 18 is present. It is likely because of this that you got the shards you did.

This is not to be taken as early confirmation of when a new tier is released, it only suggests that the infrastructure for a new tier exists in the game files currently.


I wonder can these things exist till the game dies?

They will continue to drop as long as there are future tiers


It has to at least in basic form, because it’s a leveling requirement for the season mythics.

But it’s peculiar it would lead to extra Hueso shards dropping, because there aren’t any Hueso levels in the game to spend them on yet.

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Correct; it is bizarre. Quite clearly only 100 levels are in Hueso’s file still.

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Might be a silly question, but is your Hueso maxed Verdant?

EDIT: The reason I asked, and I’ve since checked your in game profile, is that you’re a level 96, which indicates that whilst Hueso is maxed for your level, Hueso is not maxed.

You will keep getting Hueso shards until you have enough to level him to the current highest available game tier (currently Verdant), and not just your current tier.


Ooh that might be the misunderstanding. Yes shards will keep dropping until you have enough to get Hueso to expert, even if you can’t actually level him that far yet.