Faf’Nyr Golden Hex AOE Size Problem/Poll As Well

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Me(I’m not in the Gpf) & other players such as Gpf I seen flying Faf’Nyr all run into the same problem when they’re flying him.

*The size of Golden Hex isn’t big enough…

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I see you about to say something!!!

Just hold your tongue for a minute and hear me out first before you start saying he’s fine(When he’s not)


When you used Golden Hex(2 Rage white spell) on a kill island with ALL flaks in the front, he can kill all three with Golden Hex(2nd cast) only IF there All flaks. If not, he can only kill up to two towers max.

But that to me, isn’t a problem really…

The real problem I see is when he try’s to kill the BACK towers of the 3 towers in front being small or Long Island.

This… is his big down fall 8/10 times why he dies so quickly. First he doesn’t have any resistance, so he’s a glass cannon. Second, once he’s out of Shining splendor an theres still towers left, he gets hit hard like a truck hitting a deer. Third, his Golden Hex AOE size can’t kill the two towers behind the three front ones because they’re not close to each other.

Only way he can kill the back two towers is on a SMALL kill island and they must be both Flaks to do so. If not, then he can’t hit both with Golden Hex.

Let me give you a example of another spell that worked similarly to Golden Hex, like on Morphos & Spindra that does. Both Morphos & Spindra have the same spell called “Enfeeble”(Works just like Faf’Nyr Golden Hex), it’s a white form of crumble to dust as well. When you first cast it, it debuff towers and those towers marked take additional damage just like Golden Hex first cast.

Then when you cast it a second time on already marked towers, you intensely destroy them just like Golden Hex second cast.

But…Why is it?

A one rage spell(Enfeeble) have a bigger AOE then Golden Hex? When they literally do the same thing !?! :man_facepalming: Golden Hex AOE is way smaller compared to Enfeeble.

That’s Faf’Nyr Golden Hex AOE size :point_up_2:

That’s Morphos Enfeeble AOE Size :point_up_2:

That’s Spindra Enfeeble(Same as Morphos size) AOE size :point_up_2:

See the size differences?..

Why isn’t Faf’Nyr Golden Hex AOE the same size as Enfeeble?.. When to cast his spell cost 2 rage!!!

*The toggle spell on him is kinda of useless to me, I rather have each cast cost 1 rage per uses then 2 rage with a smaller AOE size :man_shrugging:t2:

Here’s more pictures what I’m talking about back towers behind the front towers, so you see my POV.

If he can’t kill those back towers when he’s out of shining splendor, he’ll die most of the time, especially on Long Islands.

Pg, can you please increase Faf’Nyr Golden Hex as the same as Enfeeble AOE size.

He’ll be much more reliable if this change is made :raised_hands:t2: :clap:

  • Yes, increase Golden Hex Size To Enfeeble AOE Size.
  • No, leave it be.

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You say enfeeble is bigger for 1 rage. But enfeeble has a cool down and costs 1 rage to cast the second time as well.

My understanding is that the second hex cast is zero rage so you get a smaller area on hex but can cast it quicker.

If you make it as big as enfeeble I suspect it may become significantly OP


You’re right, Faf’Nyr doesn’t have a cooldown once you used it but it does go on a cooldown as well.


Once he’s out of shining splendor he can’t used it for 8 seconds, plus that spell only lasts 4 seconds not like Namaka we’re hers last longer. He doesn’t have any resistance, he’ll literally die once out of shining splendor.

They gave Noctarn a white cloak so he can cloak literally back to back(Of course if he gots the rage to do so), that’s slightly Op as well but it made him more reliable then his current release form :man_shrugging:t2:

They’re(Pg) not going to decrees any cooldown like they did Noctarn, they’re just going to increase his AOE a bit to make him into an actual mythic like they did Noctarn.

Is that a bad thing? For everyone that saved up to get a mythic this season to actually get a mythic, not no legendary stats dragon.


This is a tough one to balance. Increase the size too much and he can one shot entire islands in the time shining splendour lasts.

If you can straight one shot the front line (or two shot. Let’s not get into that here) regardless of level, then dodge damage and get a guaranteed one shot on the back line towers before the spell ends, how exactly do you stop the dragon being overpowered? It’s not like it’s a matter of stats. It’s a literal instant kill. If this can reliably kill 3 towers per shot I do not know how you can stop him.

It wouldn’t be another surt. It would very possibly be a worse than release surt. A surt that is invulnerable to most meta damage and can also one shot towers with literally no upper limit. That’s if the spell gets too large. And I do not feel confident that much more than he has could be fair.

That and some of your points are factually incorrect. Enfeeble costs one rage but has to be cast twice. That’s two rage total to get the same effect. One rage cost does not equate to equal to hex.

That and those dragons kits are very different. Neither dragon you mention has a guaranteed immunity to damage for 4 seconds. Spindra’s shield can be broken. Morph relies on cloak to dodge. A skill based mechanic. Comparing the two really isn’t that easy.


Read again.
I did say what Enfeeble does above :roll_eyes:(With First & second cast.


You’re the one that is incorrect here.

I did say I rather have a 1 rage Enfeeble with a bigger AOE then a 2 rage cost one with a smaller AOE above as well :roll_eyes:

You need to read before you start asking question I already answer above bro.

Lighting towers & ice turrets…

I see a great amount of ppl having one or the other on there base, I’m not saying everyone has them but a good amount of high lv players do.

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100% extra HP, 30% extra attack speed would be cool ?

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Honestly if they do this…

To balance him out… I say reduce his hp gain from 10% Hp per tower to like 5-6% to make him more balanced.

So he still can heal himself but not has much as before so he CAN be more Killable.

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No matter what they choose im gonna pick Faf’nyr this season. Im not into Noctarn at all. Really hope they find a nice way to balance him :slight_smile:


Honestly, I’m still picking Faf’Nyr as well over Noctarn because I already have Narlyth.

Faf’Nyr looks more fun to fly.

Noctarn is quite balanced if I’m being honest, if you mess up with either Faf’Nyr or Noctarn…

No question ask, you’re going to mostly die just like flying Narlyth.

One mistake, then you’re going down.

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The fact you specify that hex costs two rage means there is a difference. That difference is only there if the spell is cast once. I read what you wrote. You just spoke unclearly if that was not your meaning.

You also say this. Specifically comparing the one rage version to hex. Once again. If you meant something different. You were unclear. We can’t read your mind here. So based on the words you wrote, that are quoted above, yes. You were incorrect. The one rage aspect of enfeeble is not the same as hex. If you are referring to the double cast. Please be clear about it.

This is also unclear. Are you proposing swapping the spell for enfeeble? Or changing hex to a one rage cost spell with a larger aoe? Yes there is a difference. One gets a second cast for free and would be a double buff

I did read it. You proposed an aoe increase to a one shot spell on a dragon that has 4 seconds of immunity. Potentially even a rage cost buff depending on what you actually proposed. That has huge risks of being over powered and uncounterable.

Yeah sure. They can do damage. But you can one shot 3 on the turn with your aoe proposal. Which also heals you. Or you can just spread out casts and half their damage while being immune to other damage. Still doesn’t reduce concerns of entire kill islands being rendered useless. That and Lightning’s are the only ones that have a real hope of one shotting the dragon during the cooldown period of his hexes. Especially with the healing.

You are also proposing something that will require a specific base setup that will defend against a single dragon. That’s unhealthy at best.

I don’t know about this :face_with_monocle: I haven’t seen anyone try casting while turning before, if I miss it. Then can you find a video of them doing so?

No one can defend(base layout wise) against all the dragons in the game. That’s a fact.

Only thing you can do, is know how to defend against them.

Just like other dragons in game, you need to know when to Ss a tower to hit the attacking dragon. You need to knkw how there spells work to have a better understanding on what tower to Ss at any time to take them down.

That’s why I said Lighting & ice turrets, even when he’s in shining splendor he’s going to take full damage from then, oh yea… storm towers to.

As well has, that’s why I said reduce his healing per tower from 10% Hp to like 5-6% of his Hp per tower to make him more Killable.

Enfeeble takes 1 rage per cast, second cast takes another rage to instantly kill towers. So, that’s a total of 2 rage to do so just like Golden Hex. Golden Hex uses 2 rage to use.

At the end of the day… you’re going to use 2 rage no matter what. That’s why I said above, I rather have Enfeeble with a bigger AOE then Golden Hex with a smaller AOE. That was just my opinion on the current situation.

@Mistborn20 , if you want to make him more balanced then I say make it we’re he can’t instant kill towers when there protected by the storm/earth flak Ss but he’ll keep his current stats at 10% Hp per tower he destroys to counteract it.

So he needs to wait for the shield to go down before he can kill them with Golden Hex or go straight for the source an kill the storm/earth tower. That right there will cost Faf’Nyr 2 rage, so he’ll have no other choice but to uses his sacrifice spell to gain more rage.

Then he’ll use that rage to take care of the other towers(2-3) then uses his sacrifice spell again to gain more rage to cast again. So he’ll be hurting himself by using sacrifice more often but as well as gain a % of hp back by destroying towers.

@Mistborn20 I’m not trying to make him broken, just more reliable.

That why I said the suggested comments above about reducing his Hp gain and about his Golden hex not being able to instantly kill towers when there protected by the storm/earth Ss.

Cool. Then I at least know exactly what you are suggesting now

I do not know that this would be a good and fair thing with the dragons kit. There may be a way to make this work fairly. But it feels like it would require a rework of the dragons kit.

I don’t feel that forcing someone to have lightning towers or ice towers to have a chance to kill a dragon is fair. Let alone a dragon that is not skill expressive. It’s not narl or anything like that which is mechanically intensive.

I’m still very concerned about any dragon having the ability to reliably 1 shot three front towers, be invulnerable to most towers for 4 seconds and then killing the back line as well. Whilst gaining rage and health. That just feels like surt territory. Healing, rage regen, uncapped ability to kill towers, and instead of elemental resist, flat immunity to most meta towers.

I get that and respect it. I just have concerns that this specific way to go is the right way.


Surt was broken AF, he literally can kill a full island with 5 towers on it with his “ Ragnarok“ spell that cost 3 rage. Faf’Nyr going to take about 6 rages to do so…

By using…

*Shining splendor-2 Rage
*Golden Hex - 2 Rage
*Sacrifice to gain 2 more rage, by doing so he lose 15% of hp per uses.
*Then cast Golden Hex Again- 2 rage

That’s 6 rage total to destroy 5 towers.

There’s a difference from pressing 2 buttons to kill a whole island :palm_tree: then pressing 6 buttons to kill a island of 5 towers. Plus you need to be more precise when using Golden Hex then Ragnarok.

Plus, Surt has elemental resist, Faf’Nyr doesn’t.

I have a question, for someone that fly well, is it possible :

1- shoot golden hex a little bit on turn just to make it stick on the front 3 tower, cast it again, shoot the second golden hex on the tower and at the same time use shining splendor.

2- when cooldown of golden hex finishes use it again quickly on back towers.

My question is : if we try to do what I said above very fast, would it be possible to kill the back towers while we are on shining splendor duration (so we get 0 damages from back towers) ?

If yes what’s the level of skills required to be able to do it ? Is it hard as what ?

Plus rage from towers killed. From memory it’s 0.5 rage per tower killed so that’s 2.5 rage.

Rag could be blocked by storms. This can’t.

Surt had ele resist meaning everything damaged him. Flaks could also affect him (damage debuff, Stun, spell block etc). Faf has splendour which is immunity to all but specific towers.

Surts rag also had an upper limit. An obscene one sure but a limit. Hex does not. Hex also de buffs towers so you have the option of bebuffing an entire island to one shot later.

Surt was also gated by what his incinerate could one shot. Faf has no such limitation

Surt was indeed absolutely fundamentally broken. Faf also has the potential to step into that territory very easily. Sure. A few more button pushes. But far far more reliable and safe.

Hopefully we see this change implemented in the next update! Thanks for the post


That’s what I’m saying, what if they made it were he can’t kill towers if protected by Storm/earth Ss.

I agree, Flak Ss could effect Surt performance greatly, especially fire flak Ss.

Surt could take 50% reduce damage from all elemental towers throughout the attack but Faf’Nyr can’t.

If Surt gets hit by a ice Ss, he’ll still be able to live but if Faf’Nyr dose, it’s over.

They’re two completely to different dragons, one(Surt) can take a lot of damage because he had elemental resist, so that makes up for not having a way to dodge incoming damage.

The other dragon(Faf’Nyr) is a glass cannon, meaning he needs a way to briefing dodge incoming damage to increase his survivability.

Ones a little tank, one not.

Anytime bro :sunglasses: