Faf’Nyr Problem Is Survivability/Poll

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Ok, I made a post about increasing Faf’Nyr Golden Hex AOE size to make him more reliable but to come back to realization to find out by doing that will make Faf’Nyr more on the Op side.

We(I) don’t want to make a Surt 2.0

By countlessly flying(Following) with my bro Rusti, I realized that he dies 9/10 times because he can’t sustain his Hp throughout each attack when he goes up against bases(All lv 94 towers) with over 45B to 60B+ bases undefended with a maxed Faf’Nyr. He try’s but never can get over 38-48% on them, without defenders.

He said, he can’t effectively keep him alive because he use his sacrifice spell that instantly takes 16% of his hp per* use or when he gets done killing the second small kill island he’s nearly dead or is dead. If he survives the second small kill island he is usually so low on Hp that he can’t use his sacrifice spell and doesn’t have enough rage to uses Golden Hex or Shining splendor to keep him alive or to avoid incoming damage from the surrounding towers.

Here’s a clip Rusti made with a defender that wasn’t really using his Ss when he was flying Faf’Nyr and dies like what I said all above.

I say the best way to approach this is not by increasing his Golden Hex AOE(Because it’s Fine we’re it stands) but to increase his Hp per* tower from 10% to 15% and to maybe decrease his Hp lose by using Sacrifice from 16% to like 12%-14% so he can effectively be more reliable but more importantly to survive.

His Ap is fine were it stands for me.

@PGLawson , @PGJared , & @Arelyna can you guy/lady’s consider doing something about his Survivability please :blush:

This is his biggest down fall, everything else is fine we’re it stands.

  • Increase Faf’Nyr Hp per tower.
  • Reduce his Sacrifice Hp lose.
  • Increase his Shining splendor duration by 1 second.
  • Option 1 & 2
  • Option 1 & 3
  • Option 2 & 3
  • All of above.
  • Leave him be, he’s fine.

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May be buff in below 2 spells

  1. shining duration
  2. hp heal on towers kill
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His duration is good we’re it stands for me… if they do increase it maybe by 1 second the most…

So it’ll be 5 seconds not 4, plus with all his runes from his branch equipped on him(Expert of course) it decrease his cooldown from 8 seconds to 6 seconds.

I agree 100% on increasing his Hp gain per* tower, me personally I say from 10% to 15% Hp per tower.

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I said something like this when I was testing Faf. Also got the “don’t make it OP!” Responses but honestly it’s useless as of now


I agree, pg need to do something with him to make him feel like a viable mythic.

As long as they don’t touch his Golden Hex, he won’t be Op.

@ShadowsOfBirds what would you do to make Faf’Nyr more viable & make it feel like an actual mythic?

Any of the following:
Increase duration of shining splendor
decrease cooldown of shining splendor
make shining splendor block all damage rather than just projectiles



Why? With his runes on, it reduce his cooldown from 8 seconds to 6 seconds.

It’s fine we’re it stands to be honest. :blush:

They need to increase his Hp gain per* tower to help him survive more as well.

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HP gain per tower doesn’t help if it can’t destroy a tower, which it won’t be able to do if it’s a defended base and splendor is on cooldown. Gild takes too long.


Trust me. It’s going to help more then you think.

That’s we’re Golden Hex comes in, with or without defenders it will destroy any tower on its 2nd cast.

That’s why you leave a tower or two marked with Golden Hex, once you mark the towers Faf’Nyr takes reduce 50% of damage from all marked towers. So he’ll survive while shining splendor is on cooldown :blush:

One thought maybe make one of the 3 projectiles for double damage? Maybe for any future sorcerer too seems like an interesting addition


I know know one that would equip all his 3 runes from the linie just to get another second less cooldown :man_shrugging:

That sounds pretty good.

I’m one of them that’ll use all his runes to be able to use shining splendor more often then not.

I will test soon, getting him this event. But from what i saw no matter what is equiped, hes underpowered.
Same as all 3 breedable mytics+ Noctarn, dont know what Pg is even thinking.

I seen a player fly him no problem even against defenders if he’s runed right and has a rider with top gear there should be no problem but that’s here nor there

I agree as well.

Pg just wanted to throw in some useless lineage mythics so the top tier players will get them just to uncap* there divines such as Narlyth, GiG, Noctarn, & Faf’Nyr. That’s all lineages dragons are to be, just stepping stones.

Noctarn will* be amazing if they change out his battle screech spell with something more promising, that’s just me though.

They don’t think for everyone but there selfs, they’ll like what they see on paper then release it as that…

Until players(the community) say something about it, then they’ll change them but if we don’t, they’ll leave them be.

I will agree that’s why my dude put sorcerer attack runes on him just so he can make some noise I wanted him but this is mahogany for this mythic sorcerer

What’s sad is you guys had a week with the dragons and it’s like they didn’t take any feed back from anyone like looking at the early videos I’m seeing noc was weak couldnt take out a entire base (PG buffs) but sorcerer was left alone don’t really see videos on faf

Just give noctarn adaptive flak resist or something so she will have a chance of surviving if she got rage drain completely

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