Faf'nyr and the Abyssal Mythics

Greetings Dragon Lords,

Going into the Holidays, we wanted to make sure that we address some of the feedback we’ve received in regards to Faf’nyr and the three new Abyssal Mythics.

We’ve heard a lot of frustration around us having buffed Noctarn and heard a desire to give a similar buff to Faf’nyr. Before we make any adjustments, we want to spend some more time evaluating how this dragon is performing in the current game compared to its seasonal counterpart. With that said, we will not have any further information until the New Year.

In addition, we have been taking in a lot of the feedback around the Abyssal Mythics and how they are not feeling as though they are comparable to previous tiers and their dragons. Similar to Faf’nyr, we want to spend a little more time looking at how the data around how these dragons are performing before deciding if these dragons need a buff or if they are fine as is.

While we know this is not the ideal message, we want to make sure that we are doing what is best for these dragons as well as for the game as a whole. We will continue to update this thread as we have more information to share regarding these four dragons.


1/17/19 - Update

Hey Everyone!

We apologize for the delay in updating everyone on what we would be doing with both the Abyssal and the Frostwreath Season Mythics. We wanted to take our time communicating these changes to make sure that we were making the best changes to address the main problems with each dragon that players had been mentioning.

The changes listed below will go live alongside the release of the Frostwreath Festive Dragon in a little under 2 weeks. We’ll be making the following changes to the Frostwreath and Abyssal Mythics dragons:


  • Silent Swoop - Cloak duration increased to 1 second (up from 0.5 seconds).

Our initial pass on Noctarn hit most of the points we wanted to address, but we felt that the dragon could use another small bump. With a longer Silent Swoop cloak duration, Noctarn fliers will be able to safely recover more ammo and rage, and also have more time to collect themselves and plan their next move.


  • Shining Splendor
    • Spell cooldown decreased to 6 seconds (down from 8 seconds).
    • Spell duration increased to 5 seconds (up from 4 seconds).
  • Curse of Greed
    • Healing per tower destroyed increased to 14% of dragon’s modified HP (up from 10%).

Faf’nyr has proven to be a powerhouse in undefended battles, but the dragon was underperforming in the defended space, which is never what we want for a Mythic dragon. Shining Splendor can now be cast more often, and the longer spell duration increases both Faf’nyr’s offensive and defensive capabilities. Since destroying towers in defended battles is more difficult than undefended, we felt that Faf’nyr fliers weren’t properly being rewarded for when they triggered the healing on their passive.


  • Death Stare will be replaced with Terror Bolt
    • Terror Bolt (White, 1 rage, 3s cooldown)
      • Dragon damages towers in a target area for 10,000 times its modified attack power. Restores 8% of the dragon’s modified HP on cast.
    • Has all the same values as Death Stare, but now with a heal on cast.
  • Gorgon’s Guise
    • Now restores 50% of dragon’s ammo on cast.

We are happy with Medusys’s current playstyle, but the dragon was much too punishing to fly. With no healing abilities, the dragon was having an unreasonably difficult time surviving through a battle, and we don’t like that Medusys set an expectation that players have to fly perfectly all the time. By adding a heal to Medusys’s kit and giving the dragon a bit more ammo to work with, Medusys should feel more approachable and have an easier time surviving battle.


  • Mark of Hunger - Shield duration increased to 1 second (up from 0.2 seconds).
  • Smother - Spell damage increased to 18% of dragon’s modified HP (up from 14%).

We originally intended for Ladron to sustain primarily through healing, with minimal damage mitigation. This intention fell flat, however, and Ladron struggled to destroy enough towers to heal through incoming damage in many scenarios. Mark of Hunger’s longer duration allows Ladron to block more damage and more easily dodge Mage Tower supershots. With Smother’s increased damage, the spell can now be more easily used to burst towers rather than solely disabling them.

REMINDER NOTE: These changes will go live alongside the Frostwreath Festive release.