Faf'nyr VS Noctarn?

Hi guys !
For you, who is the best and strongest?
I need your help for choose !

  • Faf’nyr
  • Noctarn

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I love the skin of Faf’nyr… But i think Noctarn is stronger…
I’m Obsidian tier.

Thx !

****** AFTER UPDATE - Buff/Nerf ********

  • NewFafnyr
  • NewNoctarn

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Noctarn is definitely better than the mythic sorcerer but there are better things to claim in the season than Noctarn.

If you’re hitting up both will struggle.

If you’re hitting down I think Faf will go quicker, especially in Atlas, with less problems from defenders.

That’s why I say Faf is better. Just my 2c


like what ?
U speak about other dragon?

Personally I think the invoker would be more worth while or Rosheen who is a fairly good rider. Noctarn is great but at the moment he is more of a fun legendary.

Well once you have your three keys, your options to use them are pretty much these two… It’s not like you’re spending sigils on them instead of some other branch.


Increase Fafnir’s passive boost atk to +250% or even 300% (it’s calculated on base atk) and will be the stronger

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I just lost all trust in any judgment you’ll ever make


:rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :+1:t2:

It depends on your skills :

  • If you fly very very very well hunters, Noctarn will be better.
  • If you aren’t very very very good with hunters, Faf’nyr will be better.

I hope this helps.

Edit : they might change the mythics so you should wait for now.

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His passive is create Hp and rage per destroyed tower lol :grin: But i agree, this one needs buff, but not only this.

Not quite. His passive also includes

Curse of Greed - Passive
Dragon doesn’t generate rage. Destroying towers restores 0.5 rage and 10% of the dragon’s modified HP as health. Dragon always starts at full rage and has 100% increased breath damage

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Well you can ignore the attack part, cause it cant heal anyway quick enough by destroying towers.

You think shes not? I’m using her on Noctarn for hunter attack and rage. Didn’t know you had any trust in it before😛

More like:

  • if you fly hunters well Noctarn will be better. But let’s face it you likely already have much better options.
  • if you arnt good with hunters both will be useless and you shouldn’t even bother to hatch them.

Oh my god, why are you all so negative… it’s just a game, if you are unhappy about something just don’t go for it, it’s not like you had to spend money on it… and the question of @Zap30 was simple and clear, who’s the strongest between faf’nyr and noctarn (not if both dragons are bad), and I replied to it, you are just out of subject.


I was just correcting your points. :slightly_smiling_face:

For me increases the passive atk boost to +300% will make Fafnir really enjoyable.

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One person’s negativity is another person’s realism


For the moment my best dragons are : Namaka, Prospero, Tez…
I have also Kullecid Gunnar Dreth Somnus (…)
I have the discount and i will pick Morak.

But if i understand these mythic are not stronger than Namaka.
They can be equals ?