Fail to Add a Waypoint

This is just pain whenever you want to move in place with bunch of primarch you have to tap this okay 100 times, restart Atlas and full game a few times before you can actual move. Everyone hoped that it will be good with the new update but still it exists, please can you help in this ? @PGdave @PGeggtoken

I get this error a lot as well

We’ll investigate. I know we have a major overhaul targeting travel coming in 4.15, so worst case we should dramatically reduce the incidence of this error then.

Mostly occurs when you enter kinda a war zone or something with bunch of teams and primarchs there, In normal movements all good.

This happens to a lot of other people during the situation you were describing, when it happens to my team, we jokingly refer to it as us breaking atlas :crazy_face:

I find that there is only one instance where this happens, when a primarch is reaching a castle and travelling to another castle in the same territory.

Through chokepoint travel, you can certainly add waypoints, but as soon as a prim reaches a castle it pauses for a second, “stations itself” on that castle, does the instant travel through the territory, reaches the next castle, “stations itself” again, then proceeds. During the middle process your time and haste tracker is not visible and you can’t add waypoints.

I always wait until i can see the time/apply haste in the top left before i try to add another path waypoint.

That being said, it can be very very annoying when your prim is zooming at 8x or 16x speed and this chokepoint duration is only like 2 or 3 seconds to select and finalize the waypoint.

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