Failed PvP Attacks: Give Points to Defending Team, Bonus for Defender


When someone fails a PvP attack, the points they could have earned should go to the defending team. Successful attacks on a defended base should also get a defended bonus.

Defending against a mega should let you gain 25% of those points for your team if they fail the attack
Pvp events possible points for defending

Lol so no energy used and u want rewarded nah

  1. Events use to be this way
  2. Not points to the individual, VP to the team. Or in Temple Raid, path progress.
  3. I think people who take defended bases should get more points, but every benefit should have a risk. The risk in this case would be giving points away.
  4. This would also aid with mega quits.

Or pg can make mega quits 0 points

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Yes they could. I then go back to points 1-3. This isn’t a solution to mega quits, just a suggestion to events.


Anything that increases motivation to defend is a plus in my book.

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The motivation to defend should be not doing poorly in PvP. I don’t know why you think there should be any more motivation than that.


Maybe it depends on league, but I see very few defended attacks during PvPs except for the last minutes of a round. Perhaps it is because of the overwhelming number of incoming attacks - a reward might increase participation and make the game more fun/challenging.


Saw that the points are for VP instead…

  • How will the point be scaled (since players get VP from failed attack atm)?
  • Will the number of defenders affect it?

Base points possible - base points earned.

For the attacker, yes I believe it should. For what the defenders’ team earns, I don’t think it should.


Defending ur gaining prizes thru ranking on event and ur gaining league points thats enough motivation


I disagree.


What am i rewarded for war defense? Same as pvp its always a give me


I think topic here was PvP only, but yes, there’s been quite a bit of discussion elsewhere about improving war mechanics.


its defense same thing should not be rewarded for defending your team your reward should be the succession and win! you get the same as a war defense,atlas defense,And PVP Defense if they up one they will up them all regardless pretty much same topic


Difference is that losing an attack against a defended base in War does give something - a defense point. Winning an attack against a defended base in main game gives more medals. This isn’t completely out of left field, but I understand that you aren’t for it.


And defense gives them low points in pvp and stop them from personals so therefore same as defense in wars and success gives regardless a rubie or something on all defense regardless u shouldn’t need rewarded to defend


It’s mostly I want rewards to those who beat a base triple defended, but believe everything has a balance - hence the TEAM reward for shooting dragons down.


I can definitely get on board with this idea!


Lets say you and the enemy team can both take 20 tiles with your energy.

Your team successfully defends 25% of those attacks and the enemy defends 0% of those attacks.

You gain 20, the enemy gains 15, net 5.

How about increasing the team rewards?
or… be on a team that actually plays as a team.
They typically win more events than not :smirk:

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