Failed to finish Troops

Now Troop Training event going on how can I build more troops if there are not slots?

I can’t finish my troops!!!
How can I score more points in the event?
PG fix this…

Note : I don’t want to waste my time by sending a support ticket, their answers are such useless…

Not to take away from the fact that this does happen way too often or your frustration; this is a known issue. Did you try it again?

I often get this message and trying again usually does the trick.


I did it for 5-6 times but always getting this message only this is so frustrating thing…

This is a server issue (as best as I understand) so often if a few tries doesn’t work, hard restart of the app will help. Very similar situation to when you can’t claim prizes in the event tab.

I get it though, quite frustrating and happens way too frequently.

Why did PG develop new features in the game rather than fixing all the problems first?:confused::confused:

Works fine from my end. Maybe check your internet? or, as suggested, log it to support.


Don’t blame my Internet :face_with_raised_eyebrow::unamused:
My Internet is Good!
I play this game with the same Internet everyday!

I’m super certain I DID NOT blame your “good internet”! I said CHECK!


Indirectly that refers to blaming…

NO! YOU’RE ASSUMING! :unamused:


Ok now I’m 90% sure it’s your internet.


No it’s not my Internet.
How can you say that’s the problem of my internet? :confused::confused:

i get that ever time i train lol

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It’s better when you have 12M gold and get the insufficient funds when trying to build 2.4K troops


I hope you know that not everyone at PG works on the exact same thing. There are teams for a reason.


or you transfer gold and never get it lol like 20m worth

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Yes, it’s been really long that i am trying to collect every single prize separately. Otherwise you need to collect and refresh the game a few times. Each restart, even if you collected all, it counts 5-7 of them. In addition, the game loading takes longer, some chats suddenly disappear, and portraits become “the knight”

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My gold cap is 3M how can I have 12m then?

I know that but Galileo is the senior community manager so I tagged him unless I would have tagged someone else

Yeah you’re correct my chat is disappeared after sometime it started loading

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