Failed to setup Atlas

I cant get into Atlas since yesterday. Support cant help either. Allready reinstalled the game 10 times, dont help :expressionless: ticket #1544224

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I don’t bother reinstalling for this one. Though sometimes it can take ten tries to get in.

Nope, i cant get in, even with 100 trys!

It would be most appreciated if somebody can have a look into this one. We would like to have Obi back in the Atlas action as soon as possible.


I already have someone looking into this one.


Hope this gets solved soon, its about 22 hours now. Also missing an legendary ice gear piece now🤐

Can’t you finish the ice gear through the main game side?

Lol it disappeared, i had it…so no, im not crafting.

Ohhhhh sorry misunderstood. Hope you can get everything fixed for you soon!

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So, its now 36 hours without any solution or fix? Common, first i get a wrong auto ban, and now im left with an broken account? Allready lost about 100k shards, lot timers, and cant build troops, yet my elite is running :expressionless::expressionless:

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