Fairness in value packs

There is a fundamental question of fairness to the event. I bought a value pack and flew in both of the last events. I still have halfway to go on aibrean while others on my team have all 3 new dragons. I fly hard during the event and feel the game is rigged. When I get only 25 sigels at a time it’s no wonder others get their dragons while I simmer in frustration. The event prizes, mostly defense stuff (that seems to be a waste since you get absolutely nothing when you defend).
I am growing disillusioned by the a few get prizes while all I get is hour after hour of increasing frustration. When is it my turn to get a dragon? I buy your value packs and get the same result event after event. If all I am getting is frustration, what is the point of playing. Anyone out there upset with the value from the value packs?

Don’t expect that you will get all 3 dragon just because you purchase 1 value pack. Your team mates must have bought $1000 worth of value packs for all we know to get all 3 dragons. People do spend that amount in this game.

Can i ask a few simple questions?

What level are you? 68
What level are your teammates? Half your team is level 100+

What league are you in? Platinum

How long have you been playing? Probably 8 months i’d guess

What were your event scores these past few events in which you bought packs and “flew” in?

Edited with some info i took from in game


How did you duplicate your own post? :man_facepalming: I bought exactly 1 pack during the discount, and finished aibrean in a week

Speaking as a L34 player who started late last summer…

It is indeed very hard to get sigils. I believe that people get the maorjity of their sigils from gold chests…which they pay lots of $ for.

I did the grind in a bottom level team where I was the only active and at the end of the season, I got Leos’ gold stone and the first page of Kayla supplemented by 4 red envelopes.

That being said, I feel that even non-spenders can possible finish out a dragon line plus a naked rider utilizing:

Save chests for the beginning of the season where a dragon and rider is discounted. Regardless of how “ crappy” you think a
divine dragon is, in general one is stronger than a lineage dragon.

Grind grind grind in those first few weeks. 25 sigils from a bronze chest is better than nothing…and yes I know odds are not great for getting sigils.

Move to a better team. Plenty of Gold teams looking for active players and aren’t too picky. Sigil rewards are better at Gold than silver/bronze.

Pay for elite account. Best bang for the buck…extra tokens, experience, etc which will help in breeding fortification events.

Good luck.

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Your teammates are higher level than you and can fly against better opponents in PVP events, score higher in events overall, and earn more sigils

They are probably also opening gold chests, not bronze chests. Bronze drops 25 sigils, gold drops both 125 and 225 sigil bundles.

They may have also been saving a ton of chests and rubies to open chests with since last season, i know i did and it really helped.

So next time before going on a knee jerk reaction rant, gather some data and try to reason as to why things are how they are.


you have been playing around 9 months and only a lvl34? Clearly you are not an active flier and you complaining doesn’t hold much weight.

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That’s what I was thinking too. But what if he’s from the southern hemisphere and he’s referring to the year’s season instead of the game’s season? He does mention Leos after all :thinking:

It all comes down to the luck of the opening of the chests, I am on a bad streak right now. I have opened perhaps 60 chests and maybe recieved a total of 400 or so sigils.
I have had good streaks too. So I know this will change in time.
It is frustrating!

It is the same reaction I have had for the last 4 events. Why do you flame me in your post? I fly a lot and the knee jerk reaction is to look at the value packs. If you can t afford 50 to 100 dollars per event you get nothing in the packs. The issue is why some people get preferential treatment while those of us who do all the flying get nothing. If you want to flame don’t respond to the topic

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why are you comparing $50-100 purchase that you do to your team mate who have spent more? They are going to get the 3 dragons if they spent more.

It is useless to spend any money if you can get all 3 dragons simply by farming bronze chest.

I fly a LOT more than i spend. I don’t get preferential treatment at all. I bet my activity and game knowledge outweight anything that a lot of people get from a $50 or $100 pack a week.

Fully understanding the mechanics of the game will get you further ahead :+1:


What?!?! Who said I was complaining? I’m not even the OP. The only thing I said was “yes it’s hard to get sigils but there are ways to get dragons.” Sheesh

Also not really sure there’s a point in judging activity by level. I only really started playing in winter…not sure if overall medals are how people judge activity but I reckon I’m doing all right there. Plus I make sure i’m not leveling up too fast.

Ugh. I’m not the OP. You’ve confused the two.

When I was around level 35 and up to 45, I got a full Dragon line on Skarr (it was up to Sapphire stone) and since then I completed one full Dragon line each season with a few extra rewards sometimes. I literally only spent for elite and a single value pack of 20$ in my early game to finish Skarr.

You can be free to play and get very decent accomplishments in a Dragon line, as long as you are dedicated, active and learn to recognise advices when you see them, instead of thinking someone is flaming you.

Here’s a very useful link for you, I hope you’ll find it interesting.


I believe the OP is spending money on bronze chests… :joy: :man_facepalming:

Learn the game young grasshopper. @mechengg is the master Scrooge. If you wanna know how to play without spending listen to him.


This is what I was referring to, I did not mention the OP.

But then you said this

so my guess that you’re from the Southern Hemisphere is probably incorrect :woman_shrugging:

I really hope he isn’t :woman_facepalming:

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