Fake Accounts all over the place

In the previous event (Conquer the World), i’ve encountered several fake accounts. Took picture of one of them. See attached. Or is this a server glitch?

Case: actual level is NOT the same as team view level.

That’s not fake, just glitch… because always switch account at one device

I’m always look players like that

I ran into that too. I think their levels are just displayed incorrectly. The base I hit was much weaker than others of comparable level and I got almost no XP for it. Got the proper acres though so that was nice.

It’s from playing more than 1 account on the same device. Some of the files don’t get updated and their levels show as higher than they really are.

You can got more point from her player👍

I don’t think so. Once I fought such base, and the points was calculated from its original level.

Not in this last event (I don’t know about others). Acres were given based on what was shown before starting the attack.

IN this case, i got the 128pts. Throughout the event that account reflected the same levels - one higher, the other way low.

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