Fall 2018 season


Will we have a preview of the next season dragon before this season ends? Do you have a date in mind for this?

Anyone saw any information somewhere?

Thanks :slight_smile:


We normally get a preview the week before they come out.


I personally don’t think they will show up the dragons while the summer is running that could make people stop opening chests or spending and that is not good for them :joy:. There is a chance they show the dragons but not the spells so, worthless :man_shrugging:


We generally show the first wave of Fall content the week before the season begins. As we get closer, Crisis and I will put out information regarding any previews.


I’d also recommend not requesting a leak for content on the public forums.


Knowing anything this far out would just be annoying. I’d rather be surprised a week early, and get excited about it. You find out 3 weeks early, by the time the content comes out, you’d already be bored with it.


Thanks for the reply :grinning: relaly appreciated! :blush:


I just like to be able to do my game plan for next season asap :laughing: am really curious haha!


Yeah, I get that. I have a rough outline of my game plan next season, you can use it to start yours.

  1. Get sigils
  2. Get new dragon



:joy::joy: haha sound good

  1. Lock your wallet and throw away the key.

And then swap 1 and 3.


Next season Mythic Hunter✅


This :point_up_2: for all.


@Arelyna You can just show us the Fall Disney princess chunk collection now, we promise we’ll still act surprised. I hope the Mythic is Chunk as Merida


<3 Zim & GIR


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