Fall Season Clues and Hints - Official Thread

Clue 1:
19.2902° N, 99.0965° W
S 19° 23.4792’, E 12° 53.8506’
31.7129° N, 110.0676° W
31.5590° N, 35.4732° E
19.4326° N, 99.1332° W
N 31° 46.0991’, E 35° 12.8226’
36.5323° N, 116.9325° W
49.9618° N, 15.2880° E
19.8102° N, 96.9158° W

Clue 2:

Clue 3:

Clue 4:
“Nay, but she sleeps like a bride, and dreams her dreams
Of perfect things.
She lies at last, the darling, in the shape of her dream,
And her dead mouth sings
By its shape, like the thrushes in clear evenings.”

“Mors stupebit et natura,
cum resurget creatura,
judicanti responsura.”

Clue 5

Clue 6

Clue 7
When you see her dancing,
Her eyes grows brighter,
Those lights are souls,
Taken by this Dragon Rider.

Clue 8

Clue 9
To find Sepulla…
Escucha bien
El esta escondido,
Lo encontrarás
Cuando grito.


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Roughly translates to:

“Death and nature;
when the creature
the judge.”

It comes from a chant called “Day of wrath” and a quick google search tells me it stems from “the prophecy of Sophonias 1:14-16 , a reflection upon the final judgment“

Edit: Sophonias or Sofonías is “Zephaniahs” in English. The actual passage and name is spanish.


Someone find it and I’ll just get the result


Ok cool, you got one

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Look familiar?


The answer to all 5 is Chunk


So I guess I need to go watch the movie again :thinking:


Watch party with @PGGalileo on twitch…?


this is irrelevant but- BEETLEJUICE BEETLEJUICE BEETLEJUICE! Imma go see where the coords lead to now.


So if this is a clue to Silence of the lambs, the moth was used as a call card and stuffed down victims throats. It was a metaphor for change and moving from one cycle to the next. Also it was a rare moth from Asia that apparently sneaks into beehives to eat honey. The mark is to disguise it as a bee somehow :thinking:

Wouldn’t be surprised if The dragon theme is insect related base off the moth and beetle juice

  1. Island of the dead dolls
  2. Kunene region, namibia
  3. 332-326 E Allen St, Tombstone, AZ
  4. Dead sea
  5. Monte de las Animas, #1015 Independencia Matriz CDMX, Mexico
  6. Jerusalem, Israel
  7. Dead Valley (Unified School District, CA)
  8. Czechia (Kutná Hory, 284 03)
  9. Av Jorge Serdán 169, Tenochtitlán, Mexico

Beetlejuice is a play about two characters: this girl named Lydia, who at the beginning of the play, her mom dies (so the first song is the funeral). Beetlejuice is a demon who can’t haunt people unless a mortal says his name 3 times. Beetlejuice finds Lydia in Invisible Reprise/On the Roof, and doesn’t realize she can see him (she doesn’t see him either at first) until he says, “That makes two of us,” and Lydia says, “Who are you??”.
What I said above, Lydia finds these two ghosts (Adam and Barbara Maitland), who bought the house Lydia’s dad is going to sell, but before they (Adam and Barbara) could do anything with the house, they died. So they partner up with Lydia to drive her dad and the people who want to buy the house out. But it doesn’t work (Banana Boat/Day-oh), and instead, the person who was originally going to buy the house says, “A genuine haunted house!! It’ll make us a fortune!!” (Or something along those lines.), so Lydia says Beetlejuice’s name 3 times, and he poofs into the part and scares everyone away. (Then some stuff happens, like Beetlejuice and Lydia scaring people (Girl Scout and That Beautiful Sound)
So some time later, Lydia’s dad, and his girlfriend come back with some thing to excorsize ghosts, but gets Barbara instead of Beetlejuice. In order to save Barbara, Beetlejuice says Lydia has to marry him (so he can become a not-ghost, and can actually kill people and all that jazz), so Lydia tricks Beetlejuice (Creepy Old Guy and some other songs), and stabs him, (which sends him back to the underworld). There was also this part where she, Adam, and Barbara (I think) went down to the underworld to go find Lydia’s mom, but instead, meet Lady Argentina (committed suicide) and a bunch of other ghosts (If I knew what I know now). Some stuff happens, Lydia returns to the overworld with Beetlejuice’s mom, the queen of the underworld (Juno) chasing her 'cause anyone who enters the underworld has to be dead, or die. Juno confronts Lydia in her house, stuff happens, Beetlejuice tries to stop Juno, Juno kills Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice comes back on a giant sandworm, and said sandworm eats Juno. Idk what Jump the Line is about tho 'cause I’ve never seen the play

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beetlejuice_(musical) (here, I found this; probably can explain better than I did)


Death rebirth and metamorphosis
change and afterlife :thinking:

So ghosts and more ghosts! We already have Ghosteam :heart::heart:


So a season of ghost, ghoul and beings from the underworld
Sounds good