Fall Sigil Lines spreadsheet

These are the prices and prizes for the new season:

Almost every line has changed at least slightly:

Dragon: small cost increase early in line, with matching resource increases.

Rider: small resource increases, some cost shuffles but same cost overall.

Base boost: small resource increases, some cost shuffles but same cost overall.

Pylon line: same cost, lots of gold chests but less timers and less electrum than before:

  • fall pylon: 1590x 12h + 195x gold + 168k electrum
  • summer howy: 2336x 12h + 143x gold + 207k electrum
  • summer pylon: 2442x 12h + 0x gold + 193k electrum

Mission boost: identical.

Redemption line: identical.

(last season found here if anyone wants to compare)


Thank you for this! Much appreciated!


I can’t say I’m not surprised, the last 2 howi lines were really too good to be true I suppose. The chests of course don’t come anywhere close to the loss of the timers themselves.

The sad thing is, I don’t think you can really compete anymore without getting it. So…yeah.

Thank you for the hard work Morreion. Looks good as always.

Edit: Actually, I did find an issue. You didn’t update the line prizes for Verdant.



Good catch, updated. Kept the gold chests as the main entry to keep running totals working.


@Morreion Marav’s branch is different than Luzok’s branch. And also, it is not doubled, not sure what is the formula there.

Looks similar to original spring howie regarding chests, which was 2336x 12h + 183x gold + 184k electrum, according to table in Spring sigils post. Just for completeness ))

Looking at key summary, cost is slightly reshuffled (or just increased for all - not that convenient to compare tables on mobile :joy:). The cheapest one is still first in rider, though it is now 4450, compared to earlier 3850.

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Everything you do is amazing. Thanks!


I checked. It seems that the first page of Marav has more increased stuff than normal legendary branch. The numbers are not doubled, but increased from 10+% - 100+%.

@Morreion I noticed you add “doubled for Marav”, but I think, it might be better to have a separate column/sheet for Marav.

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You are incredible! :slight_smile:


Thanks very much for this!

One question though: the key summary tables don’t tie up. E.g. base boost from 5 to 6 says 31000 to 35500, ie 4500 sigils, but second table says 5917…
Which one is right?

I think you’re adding up things that don’t make sense to add up. Did you check the description of what’s in the tables?

I figured out my mistake. Makes sense now, thanks!

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Added the new Resurrection line. It’s a weird one, so make sure to look it over.

Note that the numbers in the sheet are the “normal” numbers you’ll see after week 4, they do not include the 20% boost currently active. That goes for the impressions below as well.

First observations:

  • Last stone actually costs 35400 tokens, not 36k, there are some timers after.
  • Line does have equestor’s runes
  • Line has no nodes with alternative options like regular lines
  • Line contains pvp resources, which I personally don’t like for sigils, but some might.
  • Contains quite a few useless drops. XP potions and a load of silver chest nodes. Chisels in pathetic numbers for the cost.
  • Only 67 gold chests and 6 plat chests make it a very bad line for chests.
  • 337 days of timers is notably more than dragon lines, but nowhere near base boost / electrum lines.
  • About 50% more rune dust than normal dragons.
  • Less fragments, more tokens, about a wash

Altogether the line looks notably weaker than the dragon lines for secondary prizes. The extra 120 days of timers don’t really make up for the lost gold chests, and things like embers and pearls are replaced with nonsense-drops like xp potions.

There are front-loaded golds and timers for relatively low sigil amounts, but still nowhere near the value you’d get from last season’s mystery line for example, so not really worth going for those first prizes just for the goodies. Only go for this line if you really really want Equestor, otherwise the regular dragon and rider lines offer better value.


Added the new temporary rune lines.

Note that while this looks like one 42-prize line, it is not. In fact there are 3 lines stacked together, of 14 prizes each, and you can start each each line without completing the ones before, so you can start in the middle of the page.

Now as for value, it’s a bit of a mixed bag.

  • First prize is free, can’t argue with that.
  • The rune dust is very nicely priced, more dust per sigil than pretty much anywhere else. Unfortunately all but the first dust prize are behind others, so you’ll have to look at total cost.
  • The chisels are very expensive, 8 sigils each where previous lines charged 4-5.
  • Pretty much everything else is filler, the xp boosts are useful but also pretty expensive, and up to the mythic rune it’s pretty much fluff.

So what should you get?

Unless you’re close to hitting the 100m rune dust cap, I would recommend grabbing the first two prizes of each line, 4.5m rune dust for 600 sigils is a very good deal.

If you’re low on dust, grabbing the first 6 prizes of each line is still a reasonable option. That gets you 12m rune dust for 3300 sigils with 75 chisels as a bonus. That’s still better than what the exotic rune lines offered before, and those were already pretty good.

I wouldn’t go past prize 6 unless you’re interested in the rune. I think these runes are actually quite decent, much better than the old silver chest runes that gave +5% and a rubbish secondary. In fact, I think they’re comparable to using old divine glyphs (other than the rare Leos/Neptus ones). An old glyph gives you +8%/+0%, these give +6%/+3%. And of course you can’t use the old glyphs in a rune slot, so getting one of these can be useful. Maybe not for hunters if you already have mythic ammo runes, but for sorcerers and warriors the HP one is not bad.

Is it worth the sigil cost? I think it’s borderline. The rune dust is good, but the rest is meagre. I feel the 9m rune dust and 75 chisels are probably worth about 2500-3000 sigils tops. The rest of the prizes don’t really hold value, putting the real cost of the rune at around 2000 sigils, which is on the steep side. It’s not rubbish, but it’s not a must-have either in my book.

edit: Oh and the repeatable prize at the end is, as usual, quite a bit lower value and really only useful to people who have sigils left over at the end of a season.


Added the Exotic glyph line.

The value proposition is much better than the week 3 lines, and better than previous exotic lines as well.

First the bad news, you’re still paying 10k sigils. Also you only have one week this time to get that together, not two. Also no keys.

Then the good news:

  • Chisels in this line are back to their old cost, similar to earlier exotic lines, which was a decent value.
  • Dust is back! And where the old exotic rune lines had rune dust at a pretty good value, this line beats it by a mile. Cheapest dust we’ve had so far I think.
  • There are two “filler” slots now that are not dust or chisels, but they are quite useful too, with 50 inners and energy.

So all in all a strong line, especially if you’re short on rune dust.


Don’t you ever leave us like mech.

If you do decide to quit in the long run, I hope you hang around in the forums and tell us what is what!


@Morreion would you recommend the HP over the Attack on this glyph? I’ve always heard HP is the way to go, but I’ve also heard that the exception was for the DF. I can see both sides of the argument here, so I was wondering what your opinion is.

Thank you for all the help you give us with these decisions :hugs:

Personally I went for HP, but I don’t think either option is bad here really.


Can’t wait for Hueso line to be added. Thanks for doing that for the community

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:see_no_evil: I’ve been slacking a bit, will have that in tonight