FallenOnes - Platinum 2 Atlas team/ Recruiting levels 400+

We are an active platinum 2 team looking to get back to sapphire , looking for either a small merger with us or some recruits must be active and be a team player , war and event participation mandatory including quests , we are striving to make 8/8 team achievement prize and 5/5 quests , troop building is a must and have least 200k troops anything over that can use for glory. We have 13 castles and all elements , also do occasional raids and guard swaps. Looking for members in all time zones to have more availability to be of help to team. If have any questions please private message me in game or if interested please apply. My in game name is XxxDarkRoseXxx

Language: English
Time Zone: Any
Played time: Daily
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: not necessary but is helpful
Dragon Roster Includes: Devines (seasonal event dragons) Hunter, Warrior, sorcerer , invoker
Highest Lineage Dragon: Empryean and above


Emp is 400, you can’t even get vans till 360 so probably best to clarify this contradiction in minimum joining level

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Corrected :see_no_evil: