False / Misleading advert

Recently I was playing another game on my phone and utilized a feature to watch an advert for some free stuff.
To my surprise the advert was for War Dragons, but you wouldn’t have guessed it if you have already played War Dragons.

The interactive advert invites the user to defend his/her eggs against oncoming soldiers. See added screenshot.

What’s the point in advertisement of a product if your advert is not for a component of the actual product?

Is this a feature in Atlas? If so, new starters still aren’t going to get this feature.


Maybe this is what we’d have to look forward to after we’ve all accepted Atlas :woman_facepalming:
I saw the same advert some time ago and thought similarly that it had nothing to do with the game :woman_shrugging:

Atlas is another issue that I have with advertising.

PG can’t adverise Atlas as it’s being slowly released, first to the highest players. New players won’t be getting what they were advertised.

i still think it is not a war dragons advert! Did you click on link and it redirected to this game in app store/play store? No way am i distrusting you but it doesn’t seem like PG doing

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Yes, I clicked on the link to check it out and was redirected to War Dragons in the App Store.

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That is certainly not an aspect of Atlas.

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It’s just a mini game. A lot of apps use a mini game as an advertisement that has little to do with the real game. War Dragons isn’t the only app that does this.

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what if that mini game would be part of the game in the near future as a way to restore energy (kill enemies to restore 1 energy) and has a for fun ranking on your team on who has killed the most in one run.

that would be a chore, but fun way to waste time while waiting for your energy to restore.

Looks to me like they just used models and textures from WD to make the mini-game advert.

Atlas has nothing like that, so it’s not something you’re missing out on. :stuck_out_tongue:

~Power to the Players

This ad was firstly used in 2015. But funny that atlas has now soldiers I understand the confusion.

But it’s just a coincidence. Super old and still used.

Other games also use the same platform, but I don’t understand why. The graphics are always shoddy quality with simplistic gameplay that detracts from the game itself. I guess that it might work with how often I’ve seen it used, though.

Anyway, based on what warlord wrote, I wonder if it was unintentional re-use.

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