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Please discuss the newest War Dragons Story

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Hmm… short, a tickler perhaps?

Barely an appetizer! I want MOAR!

It keenly reminds me of the Icemark Chronicles by Stuart Hill, a book series which inspired my writing style quite a bit :hugs:


Am I detecting… a Russian vibe in this story? Russy likey… :stuck_out_tongue:

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With a little bit of inspiration from Ancient Greek mythology I think :thinking:

Hippolyta was the Legendary queen of the Amazonians, a fierce warrior women people. Russian and Greek also share similar lettering, it was a nice touch to blend those two cultures together :grin:

@Lachrymae have you read the Icemark Chronicles? That long series of title reminds me of the main character’s titles. If not, may we know which culture inspired it if any, please? :hugs:

I have not, but I’ve just finished a book (been exploring the delightful derangement of Hunter S. Thompson lately) so I’ll look into that for my next read. And indeed, the culture the Duchess Irena moves within has some Russian influences.

As for her titles, I’ve had a soft spot for an evocative list of titles since I saw it used so well in A Song of Ice and Fire years ago. And it just seems right that some of the nobility in the world of Atlas would have impressive arrays of titles and deeds.


Reminds me of Anne McCaffrey and the dragons of pern. Lessa in particular as she was one of the most important female riders or a queen dragon

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