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I am currently working on a fan base website. My goal is to collect information from, breeding guides, base building guides, news, events, and other helpful information. I know we have several sites out there but wanted to provide a fresh new site for the community.

Now this is a work in progress so bare with me. I wanted to get feedback from the community before I go any further with it.

NOTE: PG can you all: @PGCrisis can’t get the other tags to pull up. Take a look and let me know if it’s ok to use some of the content as long as copyright back to War Dragons and PG is documented etc. If not please let me know and i will take down the site. Thanks

Also members like Red and Coach and others I will contact you to get permission to link to your guides and videos before adding. Thank you.

Alright folks, let’s hear some constructive feedback.


Good idea, but you won’t get my permission sorry. Mostly because we (@mechengg @forScience) have a site almost done and I’d like to keep it all on one place.


Its cool to have multiple outlets. My suggestion is dont try to compete with instead try and put your own touches on your site. What i mean is, often times when someone tries to compete with an already popular site, the new site just turns out looking like a cheap knock off. Keep it original, fresh, and entertaining and i’m sure you’ll do great. Good luck!


Not asking to repost the content only links to your content. No worries, thanks anyway. Good luck with your site.

:scream::drooling_face::exploding_head: remember those old commercials with the lady at the door on Black Friday saying Open Open Open, yup, that’s me waiting for your site to go up Red :+1:

Think it was for Mervyn’s, and I’m a dude, not a dudet, so there’s that too


Thanks, goal is to be different but also be able to provide usefull information. If community members don’t want to share or allow their respectful content, no worries and I will respect that. I am a website developer / Graphic Designer and would never infringe on anyone else’s work without permission.

Just wanting to provide a fresh new look :grinning:

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The site looks very nicely designed. I wish you the best of luck! I want to piggy back on @IIIRogueIII’s comment as it looks a lot like Players looking for advanced or even beginner guides probably don’t need the salesmanship aspect, but I don’t mean that as an offense by any means. It does legit look like it could be the WD website when you go to it.

Hope that didn’t come off as being negative, it wasn’t meant to be. Good luck!

Sorry as Red indicated we would really like to keep all of our information together as a collective where we have strict control over it.

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i like the design. Its very pleasant to eyes.

Don’t forget me. :grin:

Feel free to use any of my videos if you like!


Thank you so much, very much appreciated.

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