Fan story for War Dragons

Has Reginald woke up he went to his windows seeing if the Withermoon season has come yet. He kept doing this over and over until one day in fall 1846 August 19 he saw a portal in the sky corrupting everything around it. Then he saw something fly out which was faceless he thought and was surrounded in darkness with little holes he can see through. Then he heard screams and roars, so Reginald got in his car and drove to his parent’s house to see if they were ok. When he got there he saw the housebroken, and he went to see what was inside to see his parents laying on the ground but still alive! Then out of nowhere, the darkness ball and exploded near his area and reveled the faceless horror Sho’Groth! Then his parents were surrounded in dark tentacles which pulled them underground. It was said if you look at the faceless horror/Sho’Groth you will be pulled in the ground and be gone forever, and Reginald realized this and started thinking why he wasn’t pulled in the ground. Then out of nowhere another monster appeared and a person coming out of the same portal too! So Reginald got in his car and drove back to his house to find out it was destroyed. Even though it was destroyed he checked if something was there and he found the book " THE NIGHTMARES OF THE SKY". When he got that a meteor was about to hit so Reginald held the book to the direction of the meteor and it disappeared. Then he realized that this book was the key to destroy the withermoon monsters, and again another meteor was coming but this time a breath of fire was heading this way. Reginald again put the book up in the direction of the meteor and it dispersed but the breath of fire didn’t so he looked through the book as quickly as he can, and slowly the more pages he flipped a shield stared to appear which blocked the breath of fire until it stopped. Then he looked up and out of the book to see Hyaku, the Meteor Wyrm, which was showering meteors and fire everywhere. So Reginald with some sense tried to escape the town but he soon realized that the horror of the withermoon had spread everywhere and covered the whole world. When he escaped the city another portal opened which caused more portals to open releasing the nightmare monsters everywhere which caused the forest which Reginald was in. Then one of the withermoon monsters landed in the forest which caused it to stop flaming. So with a curious mind, he went over in the direction of the monster to see a Dark mage which he knows to be Vivian to be with a withermoon monster. He went overseeing if Vivian was ok and then out of nowhere a mist of blood appeared and in that mist was Vivian with the monster. So Reginald hopped in his car and got his flashlight which was there just in case the withermoon season started and it did. So he grabbed his flashlight and turned it on about to go in the Blood Mist behind him, and when he turned around the mist was gone as well as Vivian and the withermoon monster. So again he hopped in his car put in the flashlight back but this time he drove off to another direction or the other side of the town. He made a risky decision by going back in and what he saw was horrifying. He saw Sho’Groth and Hyaku flying around destroying everything its path. Then from out of the sky a green moving circle appeared and exploded which caused massive damage around it except Reginald which didn’t have a scar on his body at all! With some curiosity, he picked a sharp piece of wood and scratched his skin which oozed black blood-like dark type dragons! Then when he was looking at this he saw a green ball heading his way… To be Continued

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I don’t know why but the thought of there being cars in the war dragons universe is hilarious. :joy:


Maybe I should use dragons or walking and running🤔

Yeah, cars quickly become obsolete when you have big hunks of fire-breathing transportation.


Well, the town not to big and dragons seem to big unless the roads were 25ft wide🤔

I think our concept of the war dragons world is very different. I think it’s been portrayed as being sort of medieval with some steampunk elements, but certainly nothing from our world.


That is what I am getting. You know what I will use horses instead or the really old cars. I think I add too little detail🤔

It’s all good, writing is about creative freedom. :yum: I just thought the idea of Reginald climbing off of some massive, deadly beast to get into his Kia was funny. :joy:


Well I am adding more tomorrow so wait.:grin:

try to add some enters between sections, it makes it easier to read. I gave up on the wall of words and copied it to notes to make it readable for me ( dyslectia doesn’t help)


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